Vip of the sign of Leo (and their beauty secrets)


Did you say charm? Then you are surely thinking of those born under the sign of Leo! Here are some of the most extraordinary VIP lionesses and what their beauty secrets are, all to be copied!

Charming, charismatic, full of energy and one beauty that never goes unnoticed. Who are we talking about? From the vip of the sign of Leo (and in general of all those born under these fire stars). A concentrate of explosiveness and character capable of involving anyone around them. In addition to being tremendously fascinating.

All thanks to the stars? In part yes (as for all the other signs) in addition, then, to those little beauty secrets that we all have and which in the case of the VIPs of the sign of Leo are truly unique and all to be copied! Here, then, are some of the most extraordinary VIPs born in the hot months of the sign of Leo and theirs little beauty tricks.

Alessandra Amoroso, colors and charm of Salento

Voice of indisputable power, overwhelming energy and a truly unique beauty. We are talking about Alessandra Amoroso, one of the most followed singers (on social and not) and appreciated in the Italian music scene but also a eclectic woman with a thousand facets and look.

And if on stage we are used to always seeing her at the top, with beautiful and new clothes and make-up (lips from nude, to red, from burgundy to pink, eyeliner or smokye eyes on the eyes and lots of mascara), in everyday life the Amoroso shows itself in all its naturalness. With an essential, minimalist make-up bordering on the invisible. Proudly showing it all the beauty and the typical colors of Salento, its land of origin and the typical peculiarities of the sign of Leo. What to say? Concerts or not, it’s always perfect!

Federica Pellegrini swimming and “style” champion

A life spent in the water that made her the champion of records and one of the most popular sports in Italy and abroad. Federica Pellegrini, fresh from the Olympics in Tokyo, has recently blown out 33 candles but looking at her they would seem much less. His secret? Definitely a beauty routine that takes care of the skin meticulously and in which the moisturizer is never missing, applied both in the morning after a serum and in the evening, preferring a more nourishing and full-bodied one.

But not only. For fight the harmful effects of chlorine Federica uses super delicate body soaps and special shampoos that protect and nourish both the hair (strong point of her beauty look) and the skin. Finally, a touch of strictly waterproof mascara, for a look like a true lioness, in and out of the water.

Cara Delevingne: focus on the eyes

One of the most requested models by stylists all over the world and an actress with a promising career, Cara Delevingne is born in the sign of Leo with an always new, versatile and super original look. A young woman who was able to make an alleged defect, the very thick eyebrows, in a strong point of absolute trend and which he loves to enhance by focusing a lot on the look.

How? With a make-up that focuses on the eyes, in shades of black or brown or with plenty of mascara. It’s a very light makeup, almost absent, for the rest of the face, consisting of primer, foundation, a light layer of concealer for dark circles and just a veil of powder. No bronzer or bronzer for her, who loves having a clear and even complexion. In the name of naturalness.

Jennifer Lawrence, Leo sign with natural effect

We have seen her blonde (her natural color) or brunette, with a seductive or more jaunty make-up. The fact is that Jennifer Lawrence, born in the sign of Leo, is always magnificent. About the stars? Certainly in part yes, but also of acareful and targeted beauty routineand which focuses in particular on skin care.

Loving natural make-up, Jennifer Lawrence never forgets to perform a careful skincare and facial cleansing and to use a nourishing and protective moisturizer. Guaranteeing an appearance always bright and radiant. No makeup then? Of course not! But very little, preferring only a very light contouring and a touch of blush, a pink lipstick on the lips and a smokey eyes in shades of brown, more subtle but certainly effective.

jennifer lion sign

Karlie Kloss, nature effect and simplicity

She is one of the most admired and influential supermodels in the world (and it is no coincidence that she too was born under the sign of Leo). Karlie Kloss really has a style and a style unique, unmistakable and ethereal beauty. His secret? Its absolute spontaneity and skin care. In a simple but timely way, with targeted and super delicate products.

And for make up? Karlie still focuses on simplicity, with a touch of concealer, a little cream blush, mascara and gloss or lip balm. The final touch? The combed eyebrows, a small detail that makes her look always extremely chic and refined, in very few steps.

Arisa, born under the sign of Leo and delicacy

Delicate and energetic voice at the same time and a always look at the top. Arisa, fully represents the peculiarities of the sign of Leo and shows them off magnificently. And if for the voice hers is completely inimitable for the beauty look we can copy something for her.

For example, how do you always have such radiant skin? Taking care of skincare carefully! Made of specific products, rich in nutrients and vitamins, antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients, able to stimulate skin regeneration. For a face that is always bright even naturally. Which as a true champion of body positive is its strongest and most loved point.

Paola Turani, magnetic beauty

Fairytale eyes, contagious smile and all the beauty of simplicity. Although the model Paola Turani looks great with any hairstyle, outfit and make-up, the make-up that most enhances it and makes it absolutely extraordinary is the natural one, practically absent. His secret? A targeted face care, with specific products to use during skincare:

  • cleansing, nourishing and refreshing;
  • tonic to tighten pores;
  • rebalancing serum;
  • antioxidant moisturizer;
  • etc.

Few daily moves to guarantee one skin that is always luminous, toned and elastic. And an absolutely flawless beauty look.

Annalisa, hair and voice of a lioness

Personality and charisma make Annalisa a true representative of those born under the sign of Leo. Not to mention the power of his voice and the energy he knows how to unleash on stage. But what are her beauty secrets for an always flawless look and a face so fresh and seductive at the same time?

Maxi eyebrows always neat and defined, which further enhance her big green eyes, a little concealer, blush and mascara. And for the care of her splendid red hair? Flax seeds, to protect and nourish them. In short, a few gestures but with a truly exceptional result, just like her.

Kylie Jenner, a beauty entrepreneur in the sign of Leo

After launching her own make-up line, Kylie Jenner has also thrown herself into the skincare market, with a series of products all in pink. But what are the steps and beauty products of the heart of this woman born in the sign of Leo? His own, which do not contain parabens, sulphates or gluten, suitable for any type of skin to be applied following one meticulous skin routine:

  • foaming detergent;
  • vanilla milk tonic,
  • face scrub with walnuts;
  • moisturizing cream;
  • specific products for the eye area;
  • vitamin C serum

A careful and targeted skin care (and not exactly cheap) but that you can customize according to your needs and use to get a beauty look like a true beauty testimonial.

Francesca Chillemi, an all-Italian beauty

Actress, mother and young woman with a thousand facets and from indisputable beauty. It is no coincidence that Francesca Chillemi entered the world of entertainment after winning the famous Miss Italy contest. But what is your secret for a beauty look that is always so perfect?

Simple, special attention to the skin, especially that of the face, which never forgets the moisturizer and remove make-up every day. And with a focus on nutrition, always balanced and cared for, and physical activity. All enhancing her already amazing appearance with very little delicate, natural, capable make-up enhance the features of the face, but without altering them. Always giving it a fresh and luminous allure.

Many extraordinary VIPs of the sign of Leo and as many beauty tips and tricks that you can make your own and experiment. Always enhancing your personal characteristics as well your fantastic uniqueness. Exactly as you are!

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