Vertigo hair: what is it? 5 ways to eliminate it

Vertigine capelli, che cos'è e 5 modi per eliminarla

How many times, during the mass in fold, we found ourselves fighting against the rebellious tufts and the annoying and unsightly one dizziness in the hair which prevents you from creating it styling desired? It becomes difficult, in fact, to style the hair as you would like, when the distribution of some strands is irregular and the hair cannot be put in place either by the comb or by the Brush, going in the opposite direction to the others. So how to behave?

Vertigo creates an unsightly effect on the head, but with the right precautions it can be eliminated. In this sense it can certainly be useful to contact a good hairdresser, for advice on the right products to use and the most suitable cut to hide this small “defect”.

Hair vertigo: what is it and why does it develop?

Hair growth on the scalp follows the shape of a circle. In case of vertigo the hair strand grows in opposite direction compared to the others. The hair in this area is as if it is being sucked into a vortex, as if it rotates around an imaginary axis, distributing itself differently from the others. This also makes them resistant to brush strokes: the lock continues to remain in the opposite direction from the rest of the hair.

Hair dizziness affects both men and women and is also defined pink hair. It arises from the habit of combing the hair in the opposite direction to that of growth, or due to an unnatural hairstyle that leads the hair to stand up straight. Or again, the so-called coy they can also appear spontaneously during childhood and then accompany us into adulthood.

Vertigo hair: 5 ways to eliminate it

There dizziness of the hair although it is somewhat annoying and tests our patience, it is not entirely permanent. Preventing its appearance is difficult: the only way is to take care of your hair with the right products, above all balms. To be preferred are the very moisturizing and softening ones, which smooth the hair, thus avoiding thefrizz effect all over the hair and, in particular, in the area affected by vertigo. Here, in fact, the frizz effect is further emphasized.

There are also several small ones precautions to eliminate it and some tricks to keep it in place as much as possible. And who says we can’t even turn it to our advantage? Here’s how to do it.

1. Which brush to use

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There round brush it is preferable to the flat one, because it grips and holds the hair in greater tension. It should be used by directing the tuft in the desired direction.

2. How to use the hair dryer

Always dry your hair with the hairdryer at minimum power and heat. Contrary to what one might think, the plate is not an ally, on the contrary, it makes things worse: precisely because of the high temperature it reaches, it has the opposite effect to the desired one.

3. The most suitable styling

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The ideal way to disguise vertigo is to wear long hair: keeping them short helps to highlight them. On the contrary, instead, the length weighs down the rebellious hair from the root, ironing in a natural way.

4. Enhance the vertigo in the hair

Usually the hair around the rose tends to be frizzy and thick. With the conditioner they can be softened and held at bay, to make them more workable during drying. But the ideal would be to be able to exploit the “defect” and enhance it, turning it to our advantage, for example to volumize the tuft by taking advantage of its opposite direction.

5. How to make the row

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The ideal to eliminate vertigo from the hair is do the row in the desired place on wet, not dry hair. In this way, the desired direction is given to the hair, which also maintains it during drying. It may be helpful to use hairpins, so as to help the strands to better maintain the fold, or some special adhesive tape for hair.

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