Valentine’s Day nails: 15 romantic decorations


The nails they are a very important part of the body for many women, so much so that they are treated with the same attention it’s the same delicacy which are reserved for the face. They express our character, our tastes and ours personality. On special occasions, like Valentine’s day, none of us want to give up special nails, created especially for that day.

Obviously, there are no real rules that dictate the perfect Valentine’s Day nail art; the goal, however, is to convey love and romance even through the nails. Surely thinking about love, we all imagine our red nail art full of hearts (how to blame us?).

However, in our opinion, it is possible to show affection in other ways as well, by focusing on our loved one. For example, we could write on our nails his initials, dates or places that are important to our couple or simply meaningful images for both who can evoke common passions, landscapes seen together, special objects or animals.

For those who are not ready for decorations that are too “personal” for their nails, we have grouped together some of the possible ones decorations for Valentine’s Day, classic but never out of fashion, where red and hearts are the real protagonists.

Gel nails for Valentine’s Day

Who is used to the gel reconstruction, for Valentine’s Day she could leave carte blanche to her trusted nail artist, as long as the main theme of the decorations is love. Some of the most popular ideas have the Red in all its shades, from barbie pink to burgundy adorned with equally romantic designs.

If the classic hearts may seem boring to you, you could opt for adhesive hearts, perhaps in velvet, or make them with glitter powder instead of using the classic nail polish.

In addition to the hearts, also the Red lips they are very popular on Valentine’s Day. For this decoration we recommend the Accent Nail technique, that is the nail art that provides a different decoration for the ring finger, in this case the lips will be on only one finger, so that the final result does not appear excessive and boring.

Another very romantic symbol is the flower. Your favorite, the one your loved one gave you for the anniversary or the one you collected together during that walk in the mountains. Pick one and your nail artist will be able to give it the importance it deserves on your nails.

Non-permanent decorations for Valentine’s Day

On the other hand, those who are not fond of gel reconstruction and prefer traditional nail polish still have many alternatives to amaze them on Valentine’s Day. For non-permanent decorations, we opted for something more easy to make, which does not require great dexterity but which has the same final result.

One of the simplest is certainly the big heart overturned: spread the transparent enamel on the nails, then starting from the tip arrive at the nail attachment, drawing a large heart that occupies the entire surface. The recommended color is red, but you can choose the one you prefer and the same goes for the background, which does not necessarily have to be transparent.

The letters they are another easy but meaningful decoration; for example, you can choose large letters (one for each nail, so it is also easy to make) that make up a name or a dedication. In addition to letters, you can write numbers or dates and long ones, in memory of important moments for your couple.

The alternatives are really many, the advice we want to give you is don’t put limits on your romance (at least on that day) and not to be afraid to use red, the color of love par excellence. Nothing will be exaggerated if it comes from the heart and is for someone special.

If any of you do not like decorations but on the contrary adore them simplicity all he has to do is choose the shades of red that she likes best, spread it on rounded nails and finish it with an ultra glossy top coat. It would be brilliant to combine a lipstick of the same color. Simple but effective.

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