Uterqüe’s most chic gingham print pants


Things as they are: jeans never go out of style and will always be part of the proposals of the best designers (and our favorite low cost stores). We couldn’t live without our
favorite jeans (Have you already seen these Stradivarius ones that make infinite legs and are available in six colors?), But the truth is that sometimes we also want to innovate and bet on others
Fashion pants (like these wide pants that hide the holsters and cost less than 20 euros).

If you want to indulge yourself in fashion and you need to get some new pants to renew your wardrobe and you have not yet made your first purchase of a new collection, here is a good candidate to sneak into your summer, mid-season and autumn wardrobe. And they have everything to become the new viral garment of the season:
they hide the cartridge belts and they are high-waisted, which means that they make the legs look much longer than they are. But the good news does not end here: these pants are suitable for both your daytime looks and your nighttime outfits. Come on, you will pay for it in less than a week, so don’t think twice and add it to the basket before it runs out. You will find it on the website of
Uterqüe and it can be yours for 89 euros.


It has just arrived at the store, so it is still available in all sizes, from XS to L. Of course, being so ideal, it will soon disappear from the stores, so hurry up if you want to sign it.

The model combines it with some
braided heeled sandals In the purest Bottega Veneta style and with a white blouse (a perfect option to go to work or have a drink with your friends at night), but the truth is that the options to wear it are endless. If you want to achieve a more casual look, the best thing you can do is resort to fashionable sneakers and a basic T-shirt. Either way, you will succeed for sure.

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