Uterqüe has the definitive black dress jacket to be elegant 24 hours


Since the season began we have witnessed the rise of the eighties nostalgia and its success in the closet. A trend thanks to which we have recovered XL shoulder pads, metallic fabrics and patterns of a charged sensuality. Characterized by ostentation and excess, the inspiration that muses of that time have given us, such as the character of Alexis Carrington, played by Joan Collins in the Dynasty series, has given us back patterns that are already part of our daily repertoire, such as the leopard, or dazzling fabrics like sequins.

But the eighties elegance also had a sober side, suitable for the most restrained. Something that is transmitted in this Uterqüe dress jacket in which we have discovered a great wild card to wear in the next events both day and night.

The pattern of the jacket respects the strictest codes of traditional tailoring, made of a velvety black fabric, with puffed sleeves and pronounced peak shoulder pads. In addition, the buttons, arranged in a double row, are made of crystals.

To add elegance to the rigid structure of the jacket, the length allows it to be worn as a dress, even combined with thick stockings, to enhance the retro effect.

And as if that weren’t enough, the easiest way to adapt this jacket to everyday everyday use is solved with flat shoes, either oxford with laces and platforms, or even sneakers. For the most strict, a pair of high-heeled pumps solve the look for the evening.

There is no doubt that it is a very special wild card for any type of event, versatile and elegant as well as flattering. It is available in sizes from XS to L and costs 159 euros.

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