Two-phase make-up remover: the 5 best and do it yourself

Struccante bifasico, mix vincente di olio e acqua: i migliori 5 sul mercato

The biphasic make-up remover, as the name suggests, is made up of two phases: one oily and one aqueous. By shaking the bottle, the two activate each other. This creates a delicate but very effective blend for face cleansing and make-up removal. Even the most resistant and waterproof one is dissolved.

There oily part it is necessary because make-up can only be effectively removed with a fatty substance. It acts on the make-up dissolving it quickly, so as not to have to rub the skin excessively stressing the eyes, eye contour and eyelashes. Furthermore, the oil is the only one capable of eliminating even the impurities that are deposited on the skin during the day, the traces of grease, the residues of pollution. There aqueous partinstead, it cleanses the skin of water-soluble substances; it has soothing, refreshing, moisturizing and anti-fatigue properties.

The biphasic make-up remover results particularly suitable for delicate skin, for those who often use waterproof cosmetics, for those who live in very polluted cities.

Two-phase make-up remover: how to use it

Here are which ones step follow to use a biphasic make-up remover correctly:

  • shake the bottle. This operation must be carried out at each use, to re-emulsify the ingredients;
  • pour a small amount onto a cotton pad or a soft sponge;
  • leave the disk or sponge on the eye for a few seconds, so as to dissolve the make-up and allow it to be removed more quickly and easily;
  • treat the lashes from top to bottom without rubbing them, to remove all make-up residues;
  • proceed with a new disk for the second eye;
  • treat the rest of the face and décolleté;
  • finally rinse with warm water.

Two-phase make-up remover: the best 5 on the market

A two-phase make-up remover must ensure gentle cleansing. It must not attack the skin and especially the eyes and the eye area, an area to be treated carefully because it ages very quickly. Let’s see the best on the market, which do not irritate the skin and gently remove makeup and impurities.

Avril organic biphasic eye make-up remover

two-phase make-up remover avrilSource: Amazon

Delicate biphasic make-up remover, also suitable for the most sensitive eyes: it has a 98.00% natural formula with sunflower, chamomile and cornflower. Eliminates all types of make-up, even waterproof.
Available at € 12.90 on Amazon.

Clarins express eye make-up remover

Clarins biphasic make-up removerSource: Clarins

Quickly eliminates waterproof make-up and impurities without attacking the skin. In addition, it soothes and strengthens the lashes.
Available for € 25 on the Clarins online shop.

Pupa biphasic make-up remover

biphasic pupa make-up removerSource: Pupa

Perfect for removing intense and waterproof make-up quickly and gently. Suitable for all skin types, ophthalmologically tested, suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. This biphasic make-up remover is paraben-free.
Available at € 12.50 in the Pupa online shop.

Sephora eye and lip make-up remover

sephora biphasic make-up removerSource: Sephora

Gently removes make-up from eyes and lips in an ultra-gentle way. It has a fresh and pleasant texture, its formula contains cottonseed oil, mimosa flower wax, rose flower wax.
Available at € 5.60 in the Sephora online store.

Super waterproof Sephora eye make-up remover

sephora biphasic make-up removerSource: Sephora

Instantly removes all types of eye make-up, even waterproof, without greasy effect. Contains soothing cornflower extract and provitamin B5 to protect lashes. Clinically tested tolerance under ophthalmological control: also suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
Available in the Sephora online store for € 6.30.

Do-it-yourself biphasic make-up remover

Using the right products, choosing them carefully, you can make a two-phase natural make-up remover even comfortably at home. The necessary ingredients obviously include both oils and aqueous components.

The two-phase make-up remover with rose, for example, it has two ingredients:

  • rose water (25 ml), highly moisturizing and soothing;
  • extra virgin olive oil (50 ml), with a high cleansing power. It also contains vitamin E which fights free radicals, vitamin A which helps cell regeneration, unsaturated fatty acids which prevent skin disorders.

As an alternative to rose water, you can also use simple thermal water, or the hydrosol of orange blossom, lavender, mauve, cornflower. While the alternative to olive oil is castor oil or sweet almond oil.

Another very effective combination is an infusion of chamomile (in 150 ml of water) for the aqueous part and jojoba oil (60 ml) for the oily part.

These bottles can be stored in the refrigerator for at least a week.

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