Two kimonos that hide centimeters on the beach: flowery, lowered and large size


The kimono has become our favorite beach resource, and not only because it boosts safety if you are one of those who are not
one hundred percent comfortable in a swimsuit or bikini. In addition to hiding those areas that we consider problematic (that the ‘body positive’ is fine, but not all of us take the world for a hat), the kimono adds a point of sophistication to the rocky bathing looks, and with minimal effort. In fact, we suggest you do without one hundred percent summer kimonos, made of very light fabrics and transparencies, to show off those designed for night or luxury on the sand.
The more embroidery, glitter or embellishments the better.

One of the collections that we have the most watched is the new Zara collection, because it has
the most spectacular low cost kimonos. An impressive navy blue fully embroidered kimono has to appear that is not going to escape us in any way, but other options from the daytime collection will fit perfectly on the sand. We especially like
printed kimonos with satin shine. They dazzle.

Reduced floral kimono from the new Zara collection. /


kimono with flowers and long of the new Zara collection is of an extraordinary delicacy, and we see how well it looks with a simple white bikini. It is still available in the two required sizes (only two options: small and large), and has a beautiful
wide sleeve and detachable belt. The price is not reduced, as it is a design that has just arrived in the online store, but its versatility makes it worth it: it costs 49.95 euros.

Low-cut flower kimono in large sizes in Violeta. /


plus size option that we like almost more than Zara’s: we marvel at the choice of colors in this
kimono from Violeta’s plus size collection. The combination of garnet and sky blue is an absolute success. It’s also smart to go knee-length, as too much fabric tends to optically increase size on curvy silhouettes.
This kimono is on sale in Violeta’s online store: it cost 49.99 euros and now you get it for 29.99 euros.

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