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The bead necklace was already very successful in the early 2000s, but it came back with everything! Whether to use on the beach or in a more casual look, this accessory will make a difference. Check out the inspirations on how to use this trend and learn how to make the bead necklace.

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Step by step how to make beads necklace

You can make your necklace out of beads easily and simply. Therefore, we have selected tutorials that will help you create this incredible accessory. You will rock with a handmade necklace full of personality.

How to make simple beads necklace

In summary, you will learn the bead necklace trend for 2020 in shades of lilac and purple. Mixing the colors and using a nylon thread, you will assemble a beautiful and versatile accessory.

Bead necklace with embroidery thread

With this tutorial, you will learn how to make a necklace with beads using an embroidery thread and tape, in addition to the beads. It’s very easy and the model is very modern, inspired by the necklace of an Outer Banks character.

Learning to make indigenous beads necklace

Another way to make beads necklace is to use small pieces and indigenous style. Check out the tutorial to assemble your piece inspired by indigenous pieces, using a slightly more difficult and elaborate technique.

Bead necklace with nylon thread

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With this tutorial, you will learn how to make a necklace with beads using nylon thread, which is the most common material to make the cord and place the pieces. It is a very simple tutorial with colored beads.

Colorful bloggers necklace

Learn how to make the necklace that became a trend in 2020: the colored bead necklace. With this tutorial, you will make the necklace trendy, with large beads and different details.

Chic Bead Necklace Tutorial

How about learning to make a more chic necklace, which can be used for other occasions besides the beach? Check out the tutorial on a necklace that is very easy to make and with a detail that will be the differential.

Did you see how you can make a necklace with beads in an easy way in your house? With little material, you can even create a collection of necklaces to rock in the summer or even sell to guarantee extra cash, right?

15 bead necklace photos to fall in love with the trend

This trend has returned for good and can be used on several occasions, even on the beach. Check out the selection of inspiring photos for you:

1. To start, a necklace of colored beads embellishing with another type of accessory

Lelê Saddi

2. A simple bead necklace is already a way to give an upward look

Magá Moura

3. You can choose a large bead necklace, full of attitude

Raissa Galvão

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4. A necklace mix for extra charm

Ker Cardoso

5. The necklace made of beads was a trend in 2020 and promises to continue

Samyra Show

6. The mix of accessories can make the look ideal for any occasion

Priscilla Mari

7. This accessory is great for enjoying a beach or pool

Fernanda Abreu

8. It gives a new face to the bikini

Mariah Bernardes

9. The nylon bead necklace was a trend in the early 2000s

Emanuelle Vittorazzi

10. Beads are back with everything and are part of the summer looks

Kay Del’Esposti

11. The more paste, the better

Bianca Dacias

12. It can be very different, very original

Ana Gregory

13. Any color you want

Camila Lima

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14. And the style that suits you best

Priscilla Silva

15. But one thing is certain: the necklace made of beads is here to stay

Camila Coutinho

In this way, we are sure that the bead necklace is a trend that will be very successful beyond 2020. Take the opportunity to learn more about the summer 2020 trend and rock the looks that are on the rise.

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