Tulle dress: 35 photos to inspire you to wear this piece


The long lace dress is ideal for those looking for romantic pieces, but that allow for stylish and timeless looks. If the long dresses already enchant by the length, they are even more charming and exclusive when made with lace. In addition, the varied models meet the most diverse tastes, from the stripped down with transparency to the traditional and discreet.

To convince you that this garment is versatile for several occasions, we have selected 80 models of long lace dresses spread in color categories such as white, black and blue and also for events that demand greater production such as parties and weddings. Check out:

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Long white lace dress

Long lace models can be an option for those who want to include the white dress in the wardrobe. Far from being an exclusive color for brides, the current pieces are modern and versatile, in addition to being easy to combine, as it is a neutral color.

1. The long white dress looks even more stunning when made with lace

Photo: Playback / Camila Coelho

2. In addition to being versatile for various occasions

Photo: Playback / Thevivaluxury

3. It is possible to use it at formal parties during the day

Photo: Playback / Camila Coelho

4. Or choose a model like this and use it for relaxed events

Photo: Playback / Nati Vozza

5. Even on the beach, you can choose a dress that serves as a super stylish outlet

Photo: Reproduction / Thássia Naves

6. The light color of the dress with the lace details results in delicate pieces

Photo: Playback / Walk in wonderland

7. In addition to being romantic and fluid!

Photo: Playback / Renata Uchoa

8. If you want an original model, bet on different models

Photo: Playback / Sisterlystyle

9. Ruffles are a trend

Photo: Playback / Le Turano

10. And make the dresses even more charming

Photo: Playback / Gal meets glam

11. Since white is a neutral color, it is easy to match the piece

Photo: Playback / sisterlystyle

12. And the long lace dress is a great option for social parties

Photo: Playback / Wendyslookbook

13. Combined with low sandals, they look great for everyday use!

Photo: Reproduction / Nathalia Menezes

14. But they can also be used on occasions that call for elegance

Photo: Playback / Luisa Accorsi

15. At social parties, the long white dress enchants with lace details

Photo: Reproduction / Maria Rosa Guerra

The white lace dress is super delicate and the models meet the most diverse tastes and types of bodies. If you are looking for a cool piece to use in the summer, bet on the transparent and fluid models. For formal occasions, the tip is to choose fitted pieces with a lot of income.

Long black lace dress

There is no color more versatile than black and lace dresses in this tone can be used on everyday occasions and even at weddings. Check out some options:

16. The pieces enchant by simplicity

Photo: Playback / Cece Lam

17. Lace details make the dress “basic black”

Photo: Playback / Agirlnamednydia

18. Can be used for events throughout the night

Photo: Reproduction / Thássia Naves

19. Or on social occasions during the day

Photo: Playback / the atlantic pacifi

20. For a casual look, bet on relaxed accessories

Photo: Playback / weworewhat

21. Wearing with a t-shirt results in a cool and authentic combination

Photo: Playback / Rekay Style

22. Invest in models with transparency for hot days

Photo: Reproduction / Isabeli Fontana

23. And in winter, coordinate it with boots and leather jacket

Photo: Playback / Collage Vintage

24. The combinations are stylish and not at all obvious

Photo: Playback / Anna Fasano

25. And you can use it on formal occasions, combined with jumping

Photo: Playback / Lalá Noleto

26. Lace can appear in transparent dress details

Photo: Reproduction / Das Guimaraes

27. Or subtly, throughout the piece

Photo: Playback / Carol Tognon

The black dress is a wildcard in the wardrobe and it is worth investing in a piece of lace to alternate your looks and innovate the look in a discreet and sophisticated way.

Long blue lace dress

Blue is a darling color for dresses and has a huge variety of shades. The long lace models in this color are diverse and you can also use them on a daily basis, combined with sandals or boots.

28. The light blue models are charming

Photo: Playback / Pink Blush

29. And it is possible to dress them in everyday life

Photo: Playback / prettyinleather

30. Or bet on a romantic and delicate model to go to a special event

Photo: Playback / Cameron Proffitt

31. Navy blue long dresses are a favorite in wedding attire

Photo: Reproduction / Maria Rosa Guerra

32. And with the income they become even more charming

Photo: Reproduction / Van Duarte

33. This model can be used on hot days, with high-heeled sandals

Photo: Playback / The atlantic pacific

34. And also in winter, with black boots

Photo: Reproduction / Thássia Naves

35. This piece is classic and seems to have come out of a period novel

Photo: Playback / sisterlystyle

36. Traditional models go well with graduations and weddings

Photo: Playback / Le Dix Store

37. And lace makes all the difference in the dress

Photo: Playback / Luisa Accorsi

38. The pieces with transparency are perfect for a music festival

Photo: Playback / Chelsea de Castro

39. But you can also choose a piece with different textures

Photo: Playback / Camila Coelho

With dark tones, the look is sophisticated and powerful. The light pieces bring delicacy to the look, while still being modern and stylish. In other words, a long, lacy blue dress is always right!

Long lace dress for parties

Betting on a long lace dress is a great option to wear at parties. For informal parties, the tip is to abuse the fluid, more modern and stripped pieces. And for events that call for greater production, invest in well-adjusted and well-designed models with income.

40. For a party during the day, how about a bright color like yellow?

Photo: Playback / Chelsea de Castro

41. Color is a trend and there are several lace models in this tone

Photo: Reproduction / Vitoria Rocha

42. The long white dress is also an option without error

Photo: Playback / Marina Ruy Barbosa

43. And the models are diverse, from the adjusted ones, of the mermaid type

Photo: Playback / Izabel Goulart

44. Even evasê, with more volume in the skirt

Photo: Reproduction / Thássia Naves

45. The models with transparency are modern and relaxed

Photo: Playback / Bruna Marquezine

46. ​​And there are parties that allow for bolder dresses

Photo: Playback / Jade Seba

47. If you love colorful outfits, you can bet on one like this

Photo: Playback / Sydneystyle

48. Nude tones are perfect for the most discreet

Photo: Playback / Fashioncoolture

49. When in doubt, how about a lilac?

Photo: Reproduction / Ana Paula Siebert

50. This model is charming for informal parties

Photo: Playback / Joelda Inacio

51. And the details make all the difference

Photo: Reproduction / Sensiblestylista

52. This light pink is passionate!

Photo: Reproduction / Ana Paula Siebert

53. White longs are elegant and elongate the silhouette

Photo: Playback / Renata Uchoa

54. Another white model to enhance the beauty of that color

Photo: Reproduction / Thássia Naves

55. This dress is passionate and ideal for special parties

Photo: Playback / Lalá Noleto

To suit the dress with the party, make sure the costume ordered at the time. For a party with friends, you can opt for skirts with volume and transparency, for formal events, the tip is to use discreet pieces in neutral tones.

Long lace dress for weddings

Special occasions demand greater production in the visual and, when we talk about wedding parties, it is essential to carefully choose the dress. The long lace models are a hit and there are pieces ideal for weddings, which dazzle by the neat details and charming modeling.

56. The models are neat and elegant

Photo: Reproduction / Debora Fernandes

57. And the lace designs leave the dress unique

Photo: Playback / Layla Monteiro

58. An asymmetrical cut can take the part out of the ordinary

Photo: Playback / Jade Seba

59. Lace can appear in the details, in the midst of embroidery

Photo: Playback / Layla Monteiro

60. Or throughout the dress, becoming the highlight of the piece

Photo: Playback / Layla Monteiro

61. Black and white is nothing basic when it comes to this dress

Photo: Playback / Stylepantry

62. And if you are discreet, how about a model adjusted like this?

Photo: Playback / Layla Monteiro

63. You can highlight it by choosing a strong color

Photo: Playback / Wendyslookbook

64. Like the marsala red

Photo: Reproduction / Debora Fernandes

65. Or the water green

Photo: Playback / Dolps

66. For day weddings, you can bet on pieces like this

Photo: Playback / Thassia Naves

67. Pink is even more delicate with lace details

Photo: Playback / Raiza Marinari

68. This completely designed model is perfect for those who love to get out of the obvious

Photo: Playback / Sydnestyle

69. And for traditional ones, the tip is the mermaid dresses

Photo: Reproduction / Ana Paula Siebert

70. If you don't give up black, this piece is the right inspiration

Photo: Playback / Sarah Mattar

71. And this model is discreet due to its neutral colors, but it is decorated with lace

Photo: Playback / HapaTime

If you were invited to a wedding, you can choose a lace model and rock! The cool thing about these dresses is that they suit different tastes, with exclusive lace and with varied models, from the straight type to the voluminous skirts.

Long lace dresses for bridesmaids

Choosing an ideal dress is even more important if you have been invited to be a bridesmaid. Well elaborated, the models enchant by whimsy and the texture makes all the difference in the piece.

72. Look at that dress, what a dream!

Photo: Reproduction / Thássia Naves

73. Slotted models add sensuality to the look

Photo: Reproduction / Maria Rosa Guerra

74. The nude tones make the dress super-stylish and discreet

Photo: Playback / Raiza Marinari

75. And again, what sets them apart is the different texture

Photo: Playback / Ju Romano

76. The bulky skirt highlights any production

Photo: Reproduction / Camila Coutinho

77. The lace designs complement the beautiful and bold cut of the dress

Photo: Playback / Lalá Noleto

78. And they can be complemented by embroidery

Photo: Playback / Luisa Accorsi

79. Mermaid-style modeling highlights silheuta

Photo: Reproduction / Thássia Naves

80. And it is even more charming with lace and unique details

Photo: Reproduction / Maria Rosa Guerra

In order not to err in the choice of the dress, opt for a modeling that makes you comfortable during the wedding. Lace complements the pieces, leaving them even more dazzling and neat for unforgettable events.

Long lace dresses are sophisticated and ideal for many occasions, from casual situations to social events like weddings. Although connected with the classic and the romantic, the current models allow for stylish and modern looks. And you, convinced to include this piece in your wardrobe?

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