Trikini: history, models and combinations


Versatile, practical and cool, the trikini is one of the hottest costumes of summer 2021 that steals the hearts of stars and instagrammers, but that not everyone loves. It is a variation of the classic bikini and consists of three pieces: the upper part, the lower part and a band of fabric, usually placed in the center, which connects the two parts.

Its strong point? A series of cuts created ad hoc along the hips and belly that discover the body at the right point, creating a sophisticated sensual style.

Although it is a swimsuit that is very popular with stars and supermodels on the catwalk, this costume it does not allow to have a uniform tanis. In fact, it is recommended to wear it when the tan is already defined to avoid a patchy tan.

Not only at the sea, the trikini it can also be used in the evening for formal occasions, combined with palazzo pants and long skirts for an aperitif on the beach, a refreshment by the pool or a cocktail party. In this way it will take on the functionality of an elegant leotard to wear for more formal occasions.

This model of swimsuit halfway between a bikini and a one-piece is not a recent stylistic invention: history confirms it.

The history of the trikini costume

trikiniLeft: Miss Italia 1969. Right: tricot trikini

The term trikini was first used in 1967 to indicate a type of bikini to combine with a sarong or a short. It was first used in France between the end of the sixties and the beginning of the seventies, an era in which she achieved success in Italy, becoming the uniform of the aspiring Miss Italia who participated in the Made in Italy beauty contest that year.

Over the years, the stylists and designers of beachwear fashion they reinterpreted it in different variations that had a common denominator: the fabric tricot, that is the knitted cotton that created a crochet embroidery with a see-through effect.

Among the stars who loved the design of this particular and sensual swimsuit there are Monica Bellucci, Jennifer Lopez is Megan Fox who have chosen to wear it for their summers by the sea or in the cover shots.

Types and models of trikini

The trikini is a costume that redesigns the concept of a one-piece swimsuit by subtracting some fabric through a series of porthole-shaped cuts that reveal belly and hips.

The top can consist of one headband, a bra with cups or a triangle connected by means of a flap of fabric to the lower part characterized by briefs, Brazilian or thong. Among the most popular trikini models of the moment there are the perforated and crochet types, patterned, with buckles and with laces for a “bondage” style.

With bare back

Crochet trikiniCrochet trikini

Ideal as a leotard

The crochet trikini can be worn on the beach, in the pool, on vacation or in the evening together with trousers or shorts as if it were a leotard. The see-through effect of the embroidered fabric creates a sensual and elegant style perfect for night out

€ 16 on Amazon


  • Good fit
  • Comfortable
  • Elegant and sexy style


  • Not very elastic fabric
  • It is not Push-Up
  • It does not adhere well on the décolleté

With front porthole

Patterned trikiniPatterned trikini

Ideal for the beach

The multicolour patterned trikini is the perfect swimsuit model for summer days full of color. This type has a porthole cut on the front and has a snug fit, ideal for swimming.

22 € on Amazon


  • Good Elasticity
  • With padded cups
  • Little stalked


  • Small fit
  • It can tighten the breasts

Side cut-out cut

One shoulder trikiniOne shoulder trikini

Ideal for any occasion

The one-shoulder trikini is perfect for any occasion and can be worn by the sea, in the SPA or for a pool party. It is a one-shoulder model with a side cut-out cut that highlights the side and can be transformed into a body to be worn even in the city with a long skirt or trousers.

€ 14 on Amazon


  • Removable cups
  • High elasticity
  • It dries quickly

Elegant style

Trikini with cupsTrikini with cups

Ideal for going to the SPA

This trikini model with padded cups has a sensual but sober style and enhances the silhouette thanks to the various cuts along the body, between the belly and hips. Ideal for a holiday, an afternoon in the SPA, for an aqua aerobics session or for a pool party.

€ 18 on Amazon


  • Features padded cups
  • Good workmanship
  • Adheres to the body

Trikini: how to match it on the beach

From Kim Kardashian to Chiara Biasi, passing through Chiara Nasti is Valentina Ferragni, there are many stars and instagrammers who decide to show off the trikini as the highlight of their summer outfits. The trikini fits every style need thanks to its versatility that makes it suitable for the sea and for the night out. Just pay attention to wear it only when you have an even complexion so as not to ruin the tan.

Kim Kardashian she wears it in a model with maxi portholes on the belly and an Olympic neckline combined with natural hair and a beach waves effect. Valentina Ferragniinstead, she decides to show it off by the pool in a very chic single shoulder version with a subtle cut-out cut on the abdomen.

The trikini is an impressive swimsuit that can be combined with maxi straw hats and coordinated sarongs for a sophisticated look that does not go unnoticed. The touch of style by the sea? A pair of flat rubber sandals or together with a pair of mules and sabots that are confirmed as the trendiest footwear of the moment.

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