Trendy hairstyles for summer 2019


With the arrival of the most beautiful season of the year, there is nothing better than a new and studied hairstyle for the hair to feel fresher and in line with the trends of the moment. How many times in life do women resort to a hair revolution? Whether it is a new hairstyle or a cut, the inner need to change one’s image often affects the search for a more interior change, often following a sentimental breakup or perhaps precisely with the arrival of summer.

For those in search of inspiration and already have the indispensable hairdryer in hand, a straightener to straighten or curl them or any hairdressing scissors, here are some ideas for new hairstyles and hairstyles according to the most modern trends and fashions of the moment.

After a winter dedicated to various color changes, including the most original ones of the past years, summer 2019 rediscovers the simplicity of collected natural hair, including the chignon, to evoke a decisive but always feminine style, without being too extravagant. Uncovered face and forehead will be fundamental, framed by some artfully elusive locks on the sides of the face.

Even this summer, therefore, tied hair will be a must. Whether it’s a simple or more elaborate and elegant collected hairstyle, the main advantage is the freshness it can give. The neck area is the one that benefits the most, since it is often constrained and covered by the considerable lengths of many hair.

One of the most famous and always in vogue collected hairstyles is represented by the braid. Not particularly difficult to make, such a hairstyle requires the creation of one or more hair weaves on all sides of the head to be stopped with a few bobby pins or barrettes. If desired, they can be embellished with some bow or clip that can make the hairstyle even more beautiful and always different.

Hair tied in a braid can also take on a particularly sophisticated and elegant look if the braid is ‘French’, while the younger ones will be perfect with the timeless braided pigtails or with the double Dutch braid.

Of course the chignon, a timeless and very versatile hairstyle, will be inevitable also this summer. Made starting from a high ponytail twisted on itself, the chignon can also be built by wrapping a braid, perfect solution for straight hair but also for curly ones. Those tighter gathered, inspired by the hairstyles of the dancers will be perfect and very in vogue this summer.

For those who do not want to give up the charm of loose hair, but still want to opt for an uncovered face ready to tan, this year it will be possible to focus on semi-gathered hair. You can therefore choose a low tail, or torchon made very simply by rolling two locks stopped with the rubber bands behind the head.

The hairstyles destined for the 2019 summer evenings focus on volume and must appear soft and fluffy. The locks of hair are then backcombed, wrapped on the top of the head and the tips modulated in soft curls.

Every type of accessory will be granted during the summer of 2019 to spruce up and tame the hair: from the clips to the toothed combs used several years ago, but also the most enveloping bandanas and scarves, to be used to stop and decorate the hair.

Finally, for the nostalgic of Beverly Hills 90210 and directly from the 90s, the wet effect of Brandon’s hair is back: hair with an always damp air made in this way by gel and mousse will lead not only women, but also men to have practical and at the same time elegant hairstyles. Can also be used during the day, they sculpt and shape any hairstyle and at the same time protect the hair from the sun and salt, preventing it from drying out and regulating the typically summer frizz effect.

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