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Francis Lola

As fashion is cyclical, it is common for pieces that were used in the past to be successful again. Thinking about it, we separated 2000’s fashion trends that have everything. It has clothes, accessories and even makeup for you to get inspired. Check it out:

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Sunglasses with colored lenses

Reproduction / Jessica Wang

To take the look of the obvious with a prominent accessory, how about betting on this trend? There are different models and colors of lenses that you can choose from.


Brigitte Calegari / Reproduction

Glossy lips with vinyl effect? To achieve this result, it is worth investing in another trend of the 2000s: gloss. It can be transparent or colored, in addition to being used alone or over a lipstick. In the latter case, it still makes the color more intense. In addition, it can be used to give a glow to the eyes and cheeks!

Sport clothes

Reproduction / Micah Gianneli

Far beyond the gym or training time, sportswear comes into the picture in everyday life. Here, it is possible to find stylish and varied models, which yield proposals that go beyond leggings with a top, as shown by this inspiration with sweatpants.


Cindy Pineda / Reproduction

Whether to keep your head warm with wool models in winter or just as an accessory for summer days, the beret is a piece that helps to enhance the look.

Cargo pants

Reproduction / Julia Rodrigues

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Wide, cargo pants are perfect for those who like a comfortable look and a more street style feel. There are still models with large pockets that are very practical and also with several zippers.

Top track

Raíssa Galvão / Reproduction

Also known as strapless, this top style is a trend for summer looks. It can be combined with the low piece with low waist for those who want to leave the belly well exposed. For those who want to hide their skin more, it is worth betting on the high waist.

Top bandana

Reproduction / Camila Coelho

Is there a bandana hanging around at your house? You can tie it around your breasts to mimic a top. This is an alternative to use for the perfect accessory for those who like to innovate and, in addition, it combines very well with the hot days.

Baguette bag

Thalia Ferraz / Reproduction

Eternalized by Carrie Bradshow, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in Sex and the City, this is a small bag model with short straps, usually worn under the arms. The size makes it easy to carry and matches the most varied looks.

Jeans skirt

Reproduction / Alex Michael May

Another darling piece of the 2000s fashion that is back is the denim skirt. In neutral colors, like blue and black, the piece becomes wild when it comes to composing the look.

High school skirt

Francislola / Reproduction

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Another trend inspired by a character, here is the time to copy a look from Cher, in Clueless or Patricinhas from Beverly Hills, in Portuguese. The high school style skirt is found in plain, printed models and one of them could be your face.

So, would you use these 2000s fashion trends? If you like to draw inspiration from the past to put together the look, stay on top of what was also successful in 90s fashion and is being used again.

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