Treating and maintaining a tan: the mistakes to avoid


Maintaining your tan throughout the year is not always possible, which is why you have to beware of mistakes that can accelerate the process of its disappearance on your skin even more. Knowing them can help you keep your tan longer.

The summer and the longed-for holidays arrived, the wish of many it is sunbathe, relax and allow your tan to develop at its best. Once you have succeeded, and always remembering never to expose yourself to the sun without having regularly applied a good amount of protective cream, a question arises on the horizon: how do i keep my tan as long as possible?

Unfortunately there is no magic recipe and the natural cell turnover of our body after some time will however ensure that the skin returns to its original color.

However, they do exist missteps than if done they can speed up this mechanism and get your tan gone much earlier than expected. So let’s see the more serious ones, which prevent the tan from lasting.

Showering wrong

It will probably seem absurd to you but there is a right and a wrong routine even if it is simply a matter of taking a shower.

No to hot water

If you are a person who tends to suffer from cold and even in summer, do not give up the shower lukewarm or even hot, here you are in front of the first error which could undermine the duration of the tan.

While it goes without saying that water does not wash off your tan, high temperatures tend to dry out the skin and saw that dehydration it is the enemy of tanning, better to seek every means to avoid it. So take showers as cold as possible.


Use the right bubble bath

Even the products you use to wash your body you should not choose them at random, but change them according to the needs of the skin at that time. If you usually prefer foaming or gel bubble baths, suspend them in the days after exposure because their formulations have a slight annoying power, and as we’ve seen, that’s exactly what you should stay away from.

Choose instead oily cleaners or with extremely nourishing ingredients that do little foam.


Not hydrating yourself enough

Moisturize the skin during and after exposure in the sun is the first beauty commandment of summer.

If for the hours spent sunbathing, this task is done very well by the sunscreen, as far as the following period is concerned, you need to put in a little more effort.

Once you get home after a day in the sun, the shower should always be followed by writing a good after sun which, in addition to soothing the skin, deeply hydrates it. The feeling of comfort which at that moment is the indicator of a good level of hydration so if it disappears after a few hours, repeat the application of the cream.

This attention should not be limited to the hours close to the exposure, but also last in the following days and weeks if you want to try to prolong the tan as much as possible.


Ok even the oils

If you don’t particularly like the texture of normal after-sun creams or moisturizers you can replace them with nourishing body oils such as argan, coconut or olive oil.


Do not exfoliate the skin

A widespread but absolutely wrong popular belief is that exfoliating the skin may make it go away tan earlier than expected. On the contrary, it is precisely avoiding this step that could lead to this consequence.

The skin that spends many hours under the sun, in fact, gets stressed and the epidermis thickens to defend itself from the rays. Once back home it is essential to reduce the thickness of the stratum corneum made up of dead cells, so as to allow the skin to breathe and receive daily moisturizing treatments.


Do regular scrubs

Here’s why in your summer beauty routine gentle face and body scrubs should never be missing, to be repeated about once a week. Doing so makes your skin brighter, brighter and more oxygenated. Furthermore, exfoliation stimulates cell renewal and this helps the tan to be maintained over time.

Bathing in the pool

When temperatures rise, one of the most recurring desires is to seek refreshment in water. But be careful, if that of the sea is ok to keep the tan, that of the pool it is definitely less.

The reason is the presence of the chlorine, necessary to reduce the risk of the proliferation of bacteria and fungi but also from strong whitening power and responsible for the slight damage to the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

Obviously this doesn’t mean that your summer has to be far from the pool, but taking this effect into account, once you get out of the tub, remember to take a shower immediately, in order to eliminate chlorine from the skin as quickly as possible.


Use direct air conditioning

Especially if the end of the holidays coincides with the return to the office or library to study and the days are still particularly sultry, we realize that this mistake is very difficult to avoid.

However whenever possible you should try to do this because exposing yourself to direct jets of air conditioning is not the best for the skin. The reason is that it is dehumidified and dry air, which can favor dehydration and consequently desquamation, the first step in the loss of tan.


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