Treating and maintaining a tan: the best ways ever


To make your tan last long, keeping your skin hydrated is essential. Here are all the ways to do it and not say goodbye to the tan too soon.

Summer has long since come to life and therefore many of you are struggling with joys and sorrows of sun exposure and, consequently, tanning.

Sunbathing is good for the skin, because stimulates the production of vitamin D, responsible for several benefits for the body, the most important of which are the improvement of the immune system and the strengthening of bones. If it is true, therefore, that sun exposure must be done carefully, and always after applying a protective cream with a high filter, tanning in safety is absolutely allowed.

If you love a tan, however, you will know that the difficulty of obtaining it corresponds, in the opposite sense, to speed with which it vanishes once back in the city.

For improve it and above all preserve it over time, it is essential not to fail in certain precautions, such as keep the skin on the face and body hydrated, that is, with the right level of water inside. A dehydrated skin, indeed, it tends to dry up, flake off, lose its elasticity and brilliance and consequently, it makes the tan much less shiny and lasting. In reverse, keeping it hydrated makes it easier to regenerate and that the body’s protection system against the sun’s rays is even more effective.

Here’s how to do it best.

Drink lots of water

When you spend several hours in the sun you lose a lot of fluids, the body becomes dehydrated and with it also the skin.

To face the phenomenon it is fundamental drink water at regular intervals, and continue to do so even after the hours of exposure. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink, because unfortunately it may be too late. Dehydration, in fact, can occur without immediately generating the sensation of thirst, causing considerable damage. THE signals more worrying, but you shouldn’t get to them, are dizziness, dry mouth and fatigue.

How to remember to drink

If you are usually not used to drinking in large quantities and hardly ever feel the need, to remind you to do so you can get help from technology.

In fact, there are free apps that can be installed on any smartphone, which with mini alarms remind you to quench your thirst.


Drink in a fashion way

Also, having to do it to preserve your health and tan is a good excuse to do it super cool bottle collection.


Care for your nutrition

Nutrition plays a decisive role in all the processes of the organism and the maintenance ofTan certainly is no exception.

Just as they are foods that can propitiate and promote tanning, there are others that, guaranteeing a good level of hydration to the skin, have the power to prolong it and preserve over time the perfect complexion obtained with so much effort and dedication.

Fruits and vegetables at the forefront

To combat dehydration from the inside, and with it dryness of the skin, cracking and unsightly peeling, fill up on fruit and vegetables, especially the yellow, red or orange one. It therefore abounds with tomatoes, peppers, carrots, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, apricots, cantaloupe and peaches. This type, in addition to moisturizing, has an antioxidant power, which is also essential for keeping the skin healthy. You can eat them plain or in tasty smoothies or smothies.

Among the top choices also olive oil rich in vitamins E and B and dried fruit.


Don’t forget your skincare routine

If you sunbathe on your face, don’t make the mistake of believing that you wash it effectively, in addition to dirt even the tan can go away. The tan, indeed, it does not stop on the superficial part of the epidermis but, on the contrary, it penetrates inside, so rubbing the face does not cause it to vanish. On the contrary, eliminating the cleansing phase can lead to considerable dehydration and a quick return to one’s original color.


Choose the right cleaner

The right cleaner to wash your face after sunbathing is nourishing and soothing and must not attack the hydro-lipid film of the skin. Stay away from overly scented solutions, which if not completely natural could dry out the skin and accelerate peeling. Go ahead, however, at oil-based formulas.

Don’t neglect the body

In addition to the face also the body deserves delicacy when washed. Then choose a sweet bubble bath, which contains moisturizing and nourishing ingredients such as shea butter or honey.


Abound with creams

After washing your face and body, continue caring for your skin by shedding one good amount of moisturizer.

All creams have this feature in themselves but if you want to be really sure you are feeding it make sure there are some ingrediants. The shea butter it is one of the indispensable because it also protects from UV rays, responsible for dehydration and cellular aging. All the ones are also very useful for this purpose oils, with those of cocco, jojoba and avocador, as well as the extract of cucumber and honey.

Sprinkle some thermal water

To hydrate the skin from the outside while you are sunbathing, bring some thermal water with you and sprinkle it from time to time all over the body. In addition to instantly giving you a super cool feeling, it will allow your skin to absorb some extra fluids, which definitely won’t hurt.

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