Treating and maintaining a tan: how to dose exfoliation


Let’s dispel a myth: exfoliation is not the enemy of tanning, quite the contrary! Performing a scrub is a fundamental step of the summer beauty routine and you will see that by doing it consistently you will get an enviable tan!

In the collective imagination there is the false myth to dispel that to carry out theexfoliation on tanned skin leads to one loss of color. The reality, in fact, is that the scrub instead helps to keep the tan longer lasting, as well as making the skin shiny, soft and homogeneous.


Why practice exfoliation during the tan period

Let’s see why it is wrong to think that exfoliation eliminates the tan and what benefits it brings not only to the tan, but also to the beauty and health of the skin.

Exfoliation helps you tan longer and more evenly

As you have often noticed, during the period in which you expose yourself to the sun, especially when it comes to several consecutive days, the skin becomes thicker. After a few days then, it starts peeling. Carry out exfoliation, it allows you to eliminate dead cells, in such a way as to leave room for new layers of epidermis on which the active cells can act, which stimulate the production of melanin by melanocytes. The consequence is a brighter tan and destined to last over the months, even after the summer!

Exfoliating your skin allows you to deeply penetrate creams and lotions

Exfoliation also causes the creams and the lotions enter deep in the skin. In this way, not only the sunscreens protect you from UV rays, allowing you to extend the duration of the tan and guaranteeing you a golden tan, but also the moisturizing and nourishing products are able to act successfully.

post exfoliation cream

Thanks to the scrub you also get the peace of mind to tan in a safer way

Combining a scrub done well before sun exposure with the application of a protection with at least SPF 30 is essential for protect the skin from the action of free radicals, from premature aging and above all from skin diseases that can arise (therefore not only sunburn)!

Continuing to tan without removing the peeling with exfoliation can cause damage, sometimes irreversible.

What if a slight leak occurs between exposures?

Don’t worry …self-tanner is ready to rush to your rescue! If you want to replenish that color that naturally comes off between one exposure and the next, after preparing the body for the layering of the tan, you can use this product to increase the complexion of the skin.

You can apply it alone, or mix it with your usual moisturizer. You can modulate it according to your needs and the degree of tan you want to achieve and it lasts several days.

bronzing effects

How to keep the tan thanks to the scrub

Exfoliation should be included in your summer beauty routine for a truly satisfying result for your skin and your appearance. If you want to appear bright, soft And golden, follow these steps, in which you must obviously also insert the scrub.


do tipiede showers, avoiding hot water that tends to dry out the skin, using mild detergents to prepare the body for exfoliation.

Then move on to exfoliation

As mentioned before, theexfoliation is a pivotal time for take care of your skin in the summer. It is a very simple gesture, which is sometimes avoided, not only for fear of losing the tan, but also for laziness.

Doing it once a week with extreme delicacy, without rubbing too hard, instead helps you to counteract grayness and opacity, leaving the skin free to tan without the presence of dead cells.

exfoliation in the arms

Never forget about hydration

Lhydration it is essential during the summer, because the skin is already very stressed by the high temperatures and needs to be nourished And plumped up. The ideal would be to carry out this operation twice a day, both on the body and on the face.

Instead, avoid scented lotions, because the alcohol they contain risks promoting flaking that instead you try to contrast with the scrub. Don’t frustrate everything!

moisturizing cream on the legs

How to choose the best product for exfoliation

The right scrub varies according to the type of skin to be treated.

For example, if your skin is pretty delicate, choose products containing natural oils or butters which perform an exfoliating and nourishing action.
If the scrub is your moment of pause relaxing, opt for some scented exfoliants. Finally, if you want Harden your body, know that there are scrubs specially formulated to perform this task right at the moment of the massage to apply the product. Results guaranteed in no time!

leg exfoliation

But can I use the same products for body and face?

Nowadays there are many products on the market that are good for both the body and the face, however it would be better to use different scrubs for the two parts, each of which with specific ingredients and components.

face exfoliation

For the body they are usually highly recommended the pink salt of the Himalayas, the one coming from Dead Sea and the Epsom salt, because they contain minerals, potassium, magnesium and iron. There are many that you can prepare directly at home.

For the face the choice is even wider, but the green tea el‘aloe for their regenerating properties.

products for exfoliation

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