Treating and maintaining a tan: how to do it best


It is not as simple as you think to lose the tan obtained in the summer! There are several tricks to make your tan color last for a long time. Find out with us what they are.

One of the biggest fears in the summer, especially at the end, is that the tan won’t last long enough. Especially if your complexion is very fair and it takes some time to reach a colored skin (and above all you have to be very patient), it is a pity that the tan wears off immediately.

But don’t worry: making it last a long time is possible! Taking care of your skin through nutrition, exfoliation, application of after-sun and other tricks allows you to make the tan persistent and shiny.

Proper nutrition is the basis for a lasting tan

Choose foods that contain large quantities beta-carotene, which has the power to counteract the oxidizing action of ultraviolet rays and increase the production of melanin.

In short, it is a natural bronzer as well as a precious anti-aging that prevents the formation of premature wrinkles.

Foods that promote the duration of the tan

Foods that contain in larger quantities beta-carotene they are apricots, carrots, melon, peaches, but also watermelon, tomatoes and cherries. Foods rich in are also good for a tan C vitamin, such as kiwis, strawberries, citrus fruits, and green leafy vegetables.

These qualities of fruit and vegetables enhance the skin’s natural defenses, protect capillaries and increase the production of melanin.

citrus fruits

Green light to exfoliation for smooth skin that doesn’t lose its tan

One skin surface scrub it helps to eliminate toxins and dead cells, to prevent the skin from coming off in a completely unsightly way and to let the creams act in depth.

scrub to promote tanning

Let’s dispel the myth: it is not true that exfoliation eliminates the tan, quite the contrary!

Melanin originates in depth, while a scrub carried out in a very light way (otherwise you risk attacking the skin that has already been subjected to the stress of the sun’s rays) allows you to avoid a dull and gray complexion.

Prefer a shower with lukewarm water to long hot baths in the tub

During the summer it would be better to avoid long relaxing baths with hot water, preferring one instead lukewarm shower which keeps the skin supple and hydrated. In fact, contact with hot water can cause peeling that causes some areas of the skin to detach, leaving patches on the body. Also, do not use aggressive bubble baths, and dry yourself with soft and delicate towels by dabbing them on the body instead of rubbing them.

lukewarm shower to maintain the tan

Remember to use creams and moisturizers for the skin

Especially after the scrub and shower don’t forget to moisturize the skin with moisturizing after-sun creams. Applying a good product from the first exposure to the sun slows down the discoloration process caused by the renewal of the superficial skin that removes dead cells. This season, the ingredients that are really good for the skin are the shea butter is hyaluronic acid.

application of after-sun for tanning

A further pampering for the skin? A oil to be applied after showering on damp skin to nourish and hydrate it deeply. Thanks to water, the product absorbs better and does not leave the annoying “greasy effect”.

Avoid perfumes and products containing alcohol

In the summertime the Parfums is products that contain alcohol they can make the skin much drier, as well as generate patches or irritation especially if worn before exposure to the sun.

body spray

During the summer there is nothing more beautiful (and healthy for the skin) than using scented waters is creams containing essential oils.

Green light for fresh and light fabrics on your skin

If you want to keep your tan bright and lively, another recommendation is to avoid clothing that is too tight. Heavy, coarse and synthetic fabrics in particular, especially on pants and tight dresses, rub against the skin.

light and wide skirt

On the other hand, i cotton or linen items, which in addition to being fresh, soft and light, are absolutely trendy!

Drink like there’s no tomorrow!

It may seem obvious, but it never is: to keep your skin hydrated and therefore allow your tan to last longer, you need to drink a lot.

drink plenty of water to help tan

The important thing is to assume at least 2 liters of liquids per day, so you can also do it through centrifuged and smoothies of your favorite fruits (perhaps among those listed above)! Flavored waters are also a great alternative.

girls drink smoothie that promotes tanning

Deep hydration starts from the inside first, which is why you have to insert this habit of your days. Nowadays you will find many colorful and fashion water bottles on the market to take with you, keeping drinks fresh for several hours. In addition, some of these also have signs indicating the liters consumed during the day.

Beware of air conditioning

Unfortunately, the air conditioning it’s not good for tanning at all because it dries the skin and damages the tan, leaving stains.

Whenever possible, try to prefer the good old fan, open windows or rolled down windows. We know it’s not easy, but we assure you that your skin will be grateful!

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