Total black, timeless style: how to create an outfit


It is probably the most charming color of all and certainly one of the most loved. In the field of clothing, black has earned the fame it enjoys, so much so that it characterizes the style that is defined total black, a style that is unlikely to go out of fashion.

There are those who say that with black it is impossible to miss a look. Total black can accompany you from morning to evening, without ever being out of place. In the fashion system, black has appeared since the 80s thanks to punk fashion, but today it has come out of any scheme, breaking down barriers and prejudices, and managing to embrace every style of clothing, without particular distinctions.

What was once considered the color of mourning quickly stole the show, becoming an emblem of power, mystery and ageless charm.

Why is total black so popular?

The reasons for the success of total black lie in his simplicity: achieving a monochromatic black look is easier than you think, and with the same ease you can enjoy the charm and elegance of the “non-color” par excellence. With black you are almost never wrong. However, this does not mean that attention should not be paid to choosing the perfect garments for a total black: falling into banality is in fact very easy.

And if it is true that the choice of colors says a lot about the person who wears them, even behind the black they are hidden reasons related to personality of each of us. A total black outfit can indicate confidentiality and refinement, or authority and reliability, or even sensuality and sobriety.

5 precious garments to build a total black look

Not surprisingly, those in black are the best sellers of any self-respecting clothing collection. There are essential items if you want to build a total black look. Let’s see together some perfect garments ready to be bought and worn.

Black T-shirt

It is a basic garment that never goes out of style and above all goes well with everything. The difference is made by the fabric and the cut of the shirt.

Levi's - Black t shirt

Black t-shirt with classic fit, perfect for a practical and casual look.

€ 15 on Amazon

20 € save 5 €

Black skinny trousers

Also in this case the difference will be the fabric: a black leggings can become the ideal garment for training, a black skinny jeans will be perfect for a look both day and night.

G-STAR - Super Skinny Jeans, Black

This is the feminine version of the classic five-pocket jeans model. The skinny model fits snugly and feels like a second skin.

60 € on Amazon

99 € you save 39 €


  • Versatile trousers, suitable for different types of looks


  • Pay attention to fit: choose your size carefully

Black jacket or blazer

A black outerwear is one of the garments that should not be given up. Whether it’s a blazer worn open or a jacket that completes the outfit, it will be able to give a touch of elegance to the total black look.

PIECES PCBOSS - Black Blazer

Black blazer with three-quarter sleeves. Elegant outerwear, useful for finalizing any type of look.

€ 39 on Amazon


  • It adds a touch of elegance to the look

Black minidress

By definition, it is considered the master passepartout which should never be missing in the wardrobe. Versatile, elegant enough and practical, finding one that adapts to our physicality will represent a real long-term investment. It will save a lot of time all those times that you don’t know what to wear for an elegant occasion.

Amazon Find - Wrap mini dress, black

Short black mini dress with wallet closure. Some work on the edges embellish the dress.

€ 15 on Amazon

18 € you save 3 €


  • The wallet closure increases the wearability

Boot (with or without heel) black

Always based on the look you want to achieve, a black boot will be perfect: it can be a lace-up amphibian for an urban look, a high boot without heel to face everyday life, or one with a high heel for a more elegant outfit.

Geox - High Boots

Black boot in smooth leather with canvas lining. Zip closure and low heel.

112 € on Amazon

155 € you save 43 €


  • Perfect for everyday use

4 tips to show off a total black outfit

If on the one hand the total black look is easy and practical to build, on the other the final effect can be boring and obvious. To break the monotony and make it perfect, you can use some tricks:

  1. play with accessories: whether they are colored or metallic (for example gold or silver colored);
  2. take advantage of the jewels to create points of light and illuminate the face and figure;
  3. don’t forget to get to grips with proportions and physicality that characterize our body. Although black is a universal color, suitable sizes and shapes must be chosen to enhance the strengths and mask small defects.
  4. tone down combining textures and extravagant workmanship with simple garments: lace, sequins or necklines for the upper part and slits for the lower part of the figure.

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