Torchon hair: how to do the blow-dry for soft waves?


The twisted fold allows you to obtain a very natural wavy effect on the hair. It is an extremely easy method, which can be put into practice alone, without having to use particular products and without the need for particular manual skills.

In addition, it requires little time and can be done on both short and long hair. The ideal is to do it in the evening, so as to wake up in the morning with a styling ready to be shown off during the day.

What is the torchon fold?

The fashion dictated by the catwalks and by the beauty gurus has repeatedly focused on the so-called waves beach waves, the waves on the beach-effect hair. They are those spontaneously created by the combined effect of the salt water of the sea, the sand and the sun. The hair takes on a wavy effect that lately many have tried to recreate at home, perfecting the technique and perhaps with some help, such as the curling iron.

But we know that heat is the enemy of the hair, especially if used with a certain frequency. The torchon fold, on the other hand, is a method, as well as very easy, too protective, because it does not require heat. It simply consists of twisting the hair so it takes on the wavy shape. And the more they are rolled up, the more the fold will last over time.

The torchon fold in history

The invention of the first curling irons, heated rollers and perm treatment, first performed by the German hairdresser Karl Ludwig Nessler in his shop in London, dates back to the early twentieth century. His “guinea pig” was his wife. In the 20s and 30s women curled their locks and collected them in chignon, or wore their hair down preferring the so-called finger waves, or the flat waves, obtained with the very first special instruments placed on the market in those years.

The curly hairstyle returned on the heads of the great actresses of the 30s and 50s, while in the 70s and 80s the prevailing fashion was the backcombed hair and bulky. Fashion changed dramatically in the 1990s, which saw the emergence of extremely smooth and sleek plates and hair.

Then the turnaround of recent years, with the return of the perm, the untidy natural hair or the curl obtained with any method, even better if simple and cheap: and here is the torchon fold.

A champion of curly pride is the First Lady Michelle Obama. But other women from the entertainment world have also proposed gods elegant or jaunty looks with rebellious and “messy” hair, where curls and waves, more or less natural, were the masters. Just think of Zendaya, Sarah Jessica Parker or Rihanna.

How to twist your hair

Those with short hair need some extra care, but he can still try his hand at this technique obtaining excellent results:

  1. Once you have washed and towel-dried your hair, proceed by making small pigtails on damp hair.
  2. They then stop on the head with suitable rubber bands (better spongy and soft ones, which do not break the hair).
  3. Then each pigtail is rolled up on itself quite tightly and fixed to the hairline with bobby pins.

The ideal would be cover the head with a net or with a headband and sleep with your hair so arranged, so as to give them time to style overnight. In the morning, with some care, just remove hairpins and rubber bands, without stressing or pulling the hair.

For long hair, the speech is easier:

  1. You can proceed with both freshly washed and dry hair, but in the latter case it will be necessary to moisten them first with water.
  2. Then part the hair into locks that are not too thick, but not too small, starting from the highest part of the head.
  3. They are twisted one by one, rolling them individually on themselves and then curling them like spirals to fix them on the head with a hairpin. You can also use the so-called goose beaks, the classic lightweight aluminum clothespins.
  4. The hair should be dissolved only with perfectly dry hair, opening the torchon running your fingers through your hair or using a brush.

With long hair you can proceed in two ways: opt for more torchon or for only two torchon to cross on the head as a hair band, one in one direction and one in the other, for a further saving of time and effort.

3 tips for the hair twist

How to get a perfect twisted fold? Here it is some valuable tips:

  1. to avoid a messy and untidy effect, roll a lock in one direction and the next one in the opposite direction;
  2. a dry oil or of the lacquer they give the final effect greater definition and duration and help to counteract frizz;
  3. the ideal before “twisting” the hair is to moisten it with one saline spray (sea salt spray) which recreates thebeach waves effect naturally conferred by sea water.

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