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Overlay looks have been making their presence felt in the fashion world. This trend consists of combining pieces from different models to create an innovative and surprising look. Check out the following tips on how to create overlapping looks and amazing ideas for you to test and enjoy everything you already have in your wardrobe.

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7 tips for putting together looks with overlay

With these tips, choosing the right pieces to create your overlapping looks will become easier. The pieces must complement each other in colors and structures for the final result to be amazing and harmonious. Take a look:

Bet on pieces with different sizes

Meiri Coracini

To give a better effect, choose pieces of different lengths. This is important so they don’t clump together and create an unwanted volume. Thus, you can clearly see the model of each piece.

combine dresses with t-shirts

Raisa Mendes

Abuse of the dresses! They are very versatile and look even cuter when paired with the basic t-shirts. This ideal combination to make your look stylish and the proposal much more interesting.

Highlight the waist to create amazing

Jessica Galvani

Use a belt to mark the waist. Placing one piece over the other can make the silhouette disappear, but with a good belt it’s well-marked and leaves the body in a beautiful shape.

Create looks with skirt overlays

Ana Giulie

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Don’t forget your skirts. They will make your look more modern and young. In addition to being perfect for cool days, it is also great for a walk in the park. Bet on light fabrics for a more casual proposal.

mix the trends

Gabi Piovesan

Overlapping looks allow you to use different pieces, so why not mix up the trends? Wear the white shirt + knit vest combo and create a killer look! This combination is versatile, meaning it can be used in any season.

Enjoy the pieces you already have

Grazi Bersan

Who said it is necessary to go out and buy new pieces to join the trend of overlapping looks? This is the time to use all the pieces that are standing at the back of the wardrobe. In this way, clothes gain a new utility and you increase the amount of looks.

play with colors

Urges Sara

Overlay is even more effective with contrasting tones. Don’t be afraid to mix your most basic pieces with the most extravagant ones. The colors will make everything more joyful, fun and youthful!

After these tips, you can assemble several looks with different overlays, one for each day of the week. You will definitely rock even more in the composition of your looks!

30 looks with overlay to make you look beautiful and fashionable

Do you have any doubts about which compositions can be cool? Check out some look ideas below and see how this trend allows for an incredible variety of items:

1. Overlay is perfect for you to unleash your creativity

Luana Tamanini

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2. It is present in the elegant winter looks

Sun Gouvea

3. And also in the young and cool world

read faião

4. The looks with dress overlay are a charm

Julia Aquino

5. On the other hand, a jumpsuit with the second skin looks elegant

Alle Padilha

6. The white shirt is the ideal piece to create different combinations

Ariane Godoy

7. And it looks amazing with a tagged cropped

Watercolor Glaucia

8. Even with short blouses it is possible to overlap

Ismaele Beatriz

9. The long, loose-fitting shirts also give a modern effect

Rachel Espina

10. You can layer it with a spaghetti strap

Paula Scheibler

11. Or with a warm vest

Tallyne Peres

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12. Look how stylish this look with overpowering

Karol Miranda

13. Mix plain and stamped parts

Anny Rodrigues

14. Make a summer dress an option for the coldest days

Gabi Piovesan

15. You can choose a looser and more comfortable version

Thalia Silva

16. Or make the look tighter with a belt

Thayla Senna

17. T-shirts are a killer in overlaps

Rayane Ketlyn

18. They make the looks with overlay younger and cooler

Kamila Gonçalves

19. And why not choose 3 pieces to compose your look?

Rafaela Vick

20. Round dresses give a beautiful finish

Camila Ceolin

21. They are the perfect base to match a vest

Bruna Barros

22. If you love overalls, know that it is also a success in looks with overlays

Jo’s Findings

23. Regardless of the length, the result is charming

Dayara Edsony

24. Want to be comfortable and stylish? A white sneaker has no mistake

Maria Paula

25. But if the intention is to be elegant, a little heel is always good

Ba Brambilla

26. Choose vibrant and beautiful colors

Bruna Fullan

27. That will make your look more cheerful and fun

Ana Zaica

28. That way you are ready for any occasion

Jane Danttas

29. In addition to enjoying the pieces in your wardrobe

Daia P Campos

30. And it will rock even more out there!

Thaline Fields

There are beautiful options for all seasons. Get into this trend and optimize your clothes!

How to assemble looks with overlay

To make your repertoire even more complete and stylish, check out some important tips from experts and fashion lovers. Maybe you already have everything you need in your wardrobe, right?

How to assemble stylish overlays

Want to feel included in the fashion world? Check out these beautiful creations of overlay looks. The fashion content creator will show you in practice some options for summer and winter.

Perfect for everyday overlays

This video teaches you how to assemble several cool looks proposals for your routine. The proposals are very casual and will impress with basic pieces. Perfect for work or casual events.

Tips for not making mistakes when overlapping

With these powerful tips, your overlays will look beautiful and harmonious. After all, it’s not just about putting one piece on top of another. Watch the video and see versions with dresses, shirts and winter garments.

Fun and cool overlays

If you love a comfortable and relaxed look, you need to know the combinations in the video. The very young proposal mixes loose T-shirts, croppeds, spaghetti straps and long-sleeved blouses. It’s awesome!

Overlays are perfect for all ages and styles. With clothes guaranteed, check out how to innovate also in accessories with these necklace mix ideas.

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