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Tips for makeup correctly

On this occasion I want to share some makeup tips to get the most out of makeup, not all women have the same skills when it comes to makeup, I have noticed with the passage of time that many make many mistakes to when getting ready to go out, this may be because we don't know many things about makeup, products, applications, etc. Everything influences how we have the makeup in the end so we must take into account many aspects to look amazing and not end up as clowns. Take note of my advice, put them into practice and you will notice impressive results.

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Let's start with the makeup bases, the one you use try to apply it with the famous beauty blender, really since I started using it I do not want to try anything else, if you have never used it, you will be surprised by the finish that leaves your makeup, It is better to use it with touches or light strokes on your face, the base will be very well defined and without stripes or marks that sometimes leave us the brushes. This sponge can also be used for concealers or whatever you use to contour your face, try moistening it a bit many talk about a better effect doing this. In the gallery you can also see a small guide of what type of brush is used for each part of the face, this is something that we should all know so try it.

Another tip that seems basic when it comes to make up our eyes, but for smoky or heavily loaded makeup, so that your shadow does not crack always applies first for shadows, this will make your makeup take more intensity and last for much longer without crack. The tip of the tape also works very well to delineate the eyes, put a small piece of tape in your eye and outline with your favorite eyeliner, it will be perfect. I invite you to look at the rest of the tips in the gallery for you to try. I hope you like all the tips and share them with family or friends who you think may be interested in the subject.

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