TikTok video and beauty trend: here are the catchphrases to replicate


From eyebrows to skincare, the beauty trends on TikTok determine the success (or not) of brands. Here are some of the catchphrases you can’t miss

Three hundred videos every minute on the social network that today more than ever is in the spotlight: TikTok it is the place dedicated to experimentation, to the discovery of novelties, to challenges (yes, even those and not always dangerous, on the contrary); is the place where famous people and new influencers play their role on an increasingly important stage, determining the rise of some brands and some trends that have gradually become mainstream. Read on to discover them all!

Soap brows

In this special ranking of catchphrases and tips on TikTok, a place of honor goes to eyebrows which are always at the top of Google searches. The soap brows consist of a technique that extends and defines the eyebrows to the maximum thanks to the use of a soap instead of the classic gel. Although initially it was adopted by those who have thick and dark them, now it has become a must for those who want to keep them tidy for a long time. The necessary tools? A eyebrow brush, one bar of soap and a few drops of water (and a tutorial on TikTok, of course).

Rainbow eye makeup

Eye look for the most daring, the mix of colors on the eyelids, inspired byrainbow, conquered the tiktokers and their followers. There are make-up artist who have made gods colorful make-up really super creative (we propose one that will surely catch your attention!).

Euphoria-inspired make-up

With the new season, the beauty looks of this famous series return to the fore – those of Zendaya in pole position. Holographic eyeshadows, gems and glitter in abundance: there are all the ingredients to transform the make-up of Euphoria in real trends.

Faux freckles on TikTok

The trend of fake freckles it has transversally conquered all the social networks. As a result, the sale of all those products has increased (from eyebrow gels to eye and lip pencils), very useful for recreating faux freckles on the face combined with a sun-kissed look that no longer knows the season.

Fox-eye make up

The best trick for stretch your gaze it’s in the stainless combo eyeliner + eyeshadow applied to create a “cat’s eye” make-up. Must for tiktokers are the colored eyeliner (such as green, pink and red) which have seen an increase in Google searches equal to + 351% compared to last year (source: Stylight).

Curly hair without styler

Among the videos onhair styling those dedicated to waves and curls. With a peculiarity: none of these tutorials contemplates the use of iron and plate which are replaced by bands, ribbons and … dressing gown belts! To be left on all night, just like the classic grandmother’s advice. Follow the hashtag #heatlesscurls.

TikTok and the focus on skincare

The seasoned tiktokers have become super savvy skincare (not surprisingly, some of them involve industry experts to best explain how products work, how to compose the skincare routine and how to defend against false myths). One among all is Hyram Yarbro, the most famous skinfluencer which, with its reviews – positive and negative – has managed to decree the success of some brands and products. Among the most loved beauty brands there is The Ordinary which contains all the fundamental qualities for the top TikTok brand like simplicity, natural and vegan ingredients. Other brands loved by Gen Z include Paula’s Choice, founded in 19956 by Paula Begoun, e CeraVe, an L’Oreal brand that promises to restore and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier (and which, of course, is cruelty free). But many other indie brands are loved and appreciated by the youngest.

TikTok: the trends you don’t expect

As with all social media, in addition to useful things, TikTok – a veritable hotbed of talent – is also the place to find some trend you would never have thought of. For example, right now on TikTok drawing dark circles is cool. It was the creator’s video that made this trend go viral Sara Marie Carstens (@sarathefreeelf) which has more than seven million views. What do you say, let’s try too?

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