Tightlining, the new technique for applying eyeliner


To achieve the desired effects, it is not always necessary to resort to multiple make-up products. In fact, if some looks are achieved only with different tools and numerous steps, for others a few tricks and a simple technique are enough. As many celebrities also teach us, the natural makeup it is very trendy, and guarantees a nude effect that enhances the beauty of the face.

With the tightlining the make-up is there, but you can’t see it, or rather, you see just enough to notice the difference between a make-up without and one with this almost invisible eyeliner.

What is the tightlining technique?

The tightlining technique consists of rolling out a eyeliner or there pencil for eyes in the internal rhyme of the upper eyelid of the eyes, and between the eyelashes. This way they come eliminated all the holes which are sometimes seen when only eyeliner is applied to the mobile eyelid. In fact, the term tightlining means “fine line“, Precisely because its goal is not to make a visible line on the eye, but to leave a thin and almost invisible line where other products do not reach.

There technique it is not difficult, but it requires a little time and precision, first of all because it is performed in a delicate area of ​​the eye, that is the internal rhyme. Also, because, in order for the result to be complete, it is necessary to cover all the individual spaces between the lashes.

In this part the skin is not very regular, and the presence of the eyelashes themselves does not help to stretch the line. However, once you have mastered the method, the final effect is easily achieved.

What is tightlining for?

Tightlining is a make-up style that mainly allows you to cover the spaces between one lash and the other, so that the hairline line is smoother and more uniform. In addition, this system covers the thin line between the lashes and the eye, a line, the rhyme itself, which usually remains clear, giving a detachment between the iris and the painted eyelid. The eye is thus highlighted by a not very visible and almost natural make-up, covering an area of ​​the eye that is usually excluded from make-up.

Tightlining therefore allows you to have a smoother effect, but also of intensify makeup, in order to enhance the eyelashes and the look. In fact, tightlining can be used alone, for a natural look suitable for every day. Or in accompaniment to mascara, eyeliner and pencil, because it accentuates their effect and leaves no white space between the lashes.

How to perform tightlining

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The tightlining technique is not complicated, and consists of a few steps, which serve to make the result more effective. First of all, it is good to know what you need to use to make this type of makeup.

The product most used is the eye pencil, or thegel eyeliner, fluid and easy to spread, with a longer duration.

  1. Once the preferred instrument has been selected, you move tohand sanitation: this is a fundamental step, because the hands will touch the eyes and it is good that they are well cleansed;
  2. at this point, you position yourself in front of one mirror well lit, and you can go directly to theapplication of the pencil, or start curling the lashes with an eyelash curler. This step is optional, but it helps to prepare the lashes so that they are thicker;
  3. subsequently, with the fingers of one hand yes lift the upper eyelid, pulling back the arch of the eyelashes;
  4. in this way the pencil or eyeliner is applied in the upper inner rim, and between the lashes, proceeding with straight lines or for dashes, one at a time. To facilitate the operation, it is recommended to to watch slightly down.

The application in the rhyme can turn out particularly annoying, or cause tickling. If it is too annoying or too tiring to be able to put the pencil in this area, this type of make-up is not necessary, it can be safely avoided.

The technique ends with any tweaks, which can be done with mascara on the lashes, in order to thicken and intensify the look in an almost natural way, or by applying the eyeliner also on the eyelid, with a uniform and defined result.

Tightlining: 6 tips and warnings

Tightlining is a method with which to obtain a make-up with a natural effect, but which at the same time intensifies the look and eye make-up. It has no particular contraindications, but being a very delicate area, it needs some attention.

Let’s see then 6 tips on how to best choose the product and the look to obtain, and warnings for easy and safe application.

1. Wash your hands

First, it is very important wash your hands thoroughly, so as to avoid any contamination in the eyes. In fact, as we have seen, the fingers touch the lashes and the eye contour, so that the technique is successful in the best way. Therefore it is good that the hands are well cleaned, as well as the tools themselves.

2. Don’t exchange tools

For the same reason, it is absolutely recommended avoid exchanging products used for tightlining with other people. The inner rim of the eye is a delicate area, prone to infection and inflammation if not given the right attention.

3. Pencil texture

It is also good choose the right eyeliner or pencil, which must be delicate and at the same time resistant to rhyme, an area that tears easily. Therefore the pencil ideal has the soft texture or very soft, with a slightly pointed lead, because it is applied to a delicate area of ​​the eye. Pencils are even more recommended kohl or kajal, perfect for the internal rhyme because they do not drip, avoiding smudging.

4. Pencil features

To better avoid smudging in an area with a lot of tearing, items can be selected waterproof, which avoid having to revise at a later time and guarantee longer life. Also, for those with particularly sensitive eyes, they exist hypoallergenic solutions. Choosing the tool with the best features allows you to facilitate the application and have no risks.

5. If it’s not for you, don’t

As we said earlier, an important caveat when it comes to make-up or beauty products, is to know that nothing is mandatory. Wearing make-up is not an obligation or a duty of a woman, but an always autonomous and personal choice.

There is nothing wrong with experimenting with new make-up techniques to enhance certain aspects of the face, but it is also not wrong not to use make-up. If tightlining isn’t your thing, because it doesn’t convince you or is too annoying, just don’t do it.

6. Choose the right look

Similarly, tightlining is a versatile makeup, because it guarantees different looks, from the most natural to a more intense one. As a result, you don’t have to wear a lot of makeup to try this technique, and it also helps to smooth out your basic eye makeup, which you can then complement with eye shadow, mascara, and more. In short, to be sure of having the desired effect for every occasion choose the right look and proceed accordingly.

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