Tiffany green: the iconic color in 10 outfits and combinations


Known to most people by the name of Tiffany green, it is actually a nuance of blue which originates from the natural color of the aquamarine gem. PMS 1837 is the serial number with which it was registered among the Pantone colors and its official name is Tiffany Blue.

From a luxury icon to a versatile nuance to be declined on clothing, accessories and make-up (including nail polishes), it boasts a history spanning over a century and still stands out today as a trend color for every season. This particular shade tending to turquoise stands out among the most varied color palettes. How? Thanks to its ability to be elegant and a bearer of good humor.

Tiffany green, the story of an iconic color

tiffany greenTiffany Blue Box. Source:

The history of the Tiffany green begins in 1845 when Charles Lewis Tiffany, the first jeweler to propose the diamond ring as a symbol of love and founder of the famous jewelry Tiffany & Co, chooses to use the Tiffany Blue nuance for the cover of the Blue Book.

The latter was none other than the catalog of the annual jewelry collection of Tiffany & Co. wish. So much so that in a 1906 declaration for the New York Sun Charles Lewis Tiffany declares “Tiffany has something in the shop that cannot be bought for any amount, but can only be received as a gift: one of her boxes“. From that day on, the much sought-after Blue Boxes are reserved only for those who make a purchase.

The reason for the success of this emblematic color is to be found in the popularity that the turquoise stone had among 19th century jewels. In fact, it was one of the favorite gems of brides who used to give it to their bridesmaids as a gift.

The colors to combine with Tiffany green

Belonging to the palette of Cold colours, Tiffany green is a nuance that can be easily combined with neutral shades such as White cream, the beige and the leather. However, it can be declined on shoes and accessories, becoming the chromatic touch with which to enhance total white looks and dresses in solid colors such as Brown and the bronze.

Its delicate and refined nature can be mixed with bright and bright colors such asOrange, the electric blue and the green but also with the pastel shades of lilac he was born in pink. In the make-up it is declined on metallic eyeshadows and eyeliner that define the eye contour in contrast with the golden yellow and fuchsia.

Tiffany green in the history of fashion

tiffany greenLady Diana and Grace Kelly wear a Tiffany Green dress. Source: Pinterest @ modeblog

Having entered the fashion scene thanks to the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote, Tiffany green is asserting itself as a trendy color worn by celebrities and royalty who have made it a style icon and a symbol of elegance. Looking back at the fashion of the past, the dress sported by Grace Kelly on the occasion of the 1955 Academy Awards which saw her winner of an Oscar for best actress for the film Country Girl. It is a long silk dress with thin straps paired with a pair of refined satin gloves that gave it a royal style.

Unforgettable is also the Renaissance style single shoulder and waist silk dress, worn in 1985 in Melbourne by Lady Diana paired with an emerald and diamond tiara.

tiffany greenKate Middleton wears a Tiffany Green dress at the Royal Albert Hall crying 2012

Up to the present day, when a wonderful one Kate Middleton looks flawless in a green Tiffany Jenny Pockham dress worn at the Royal Albert Hall in 2012.

Armocromia and Tiffany green

Armocromia is a discipline that allows you to identify one color combination able to enhance the natural complexion. In fact, it is inspired by the harmony of the natural world and of 4 seasons (autumn, winter, spring, summer) and empirically demonstrates how each person, with his or her mix of colors eyes-skin-hair it belongs to a single season and how color combinations in tune with your skin will depend on this.

If you have a skin, come on warm colors, the reference palette is that of autumn and spring, vice versa, when the undertone is cold it will be necessary to draw from the color combinations belonging to winter and summer. Tiffany green is a cool color, considered by image consultants as a neutral shade capable of enhancing both light and dark complexions and is perfect for those with warm or cold undertones.

10 outfits and combinations with Tiffany green

How to combine Tiffany greens in our outfits? Here is a series of look ideas to inspire you.

Tiffany green: the iconic color according to harmony and in 10 genderfluid outfits

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