Three very original and cheap Primark sweaters to update your winter wardrobe for very little


Once we have taken note of the tricks to sweep Primark, we have to say that it will take very, very little to go to the store in search of our new objects of desire: three trendy jumpers to sweep away. And it is that in the British giant you can find key garments and the latest at a very affordable price and with which complete your winter wardrobe. An example of this are these three very cheap skirts or this super comfortable knitted outfit. Now, our wishlist has been filled with three sweaters that you too will fall in love with.

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1. Shirt collar

The bobo collar and white shirts are two of the trends of the season. Therefore, this cream-colored sweater with a collar with two white lapels is a success. It gives an elegant point to your look and combines very well with everything due to its neutral tone. It costs 12 euros.

2. Bicolor

We are very fans of styling garments and this second proposal is one of them. It is a two-tone black and white sweater that its design with the dark bottom hides everything and with the light top part it brings light and spaciousness to our neckline. It costs 13 euros.

3. Openwork point

Knitwear in all its versions are triumphing this 2020, so if you are looking for an original to add to a more sophisticated look, this sweater has to be yours. It is cropped and has a very autumnal pink makeup that we loved. It costs 12 euros and is also available in khaki green.

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