Three shirt dresses so flattering that they solve your summer suitcase


Prepare the
perfect suitcase for the holidays It can be a more arduous task than it seems, especially if you are looking to make the most of the
space and get the most out of the
versatility of the sets. A task in which
dresses they play a very prominent role and whose winning card goes through models such as the white models, so simple and beautiful that they can be worn without any accessories.

But the range of possibilities when it comes to summer dresses is as wide as are all the plans for which they can show off. From a knitwear to go to the beach to pleats with an art-inspired print, ideal for a night out on the terraces. If you suddenly have doubts but you do not want to fill your suitcase with options that will then return home again without having used them, we propose three garments to which you will be able to put a lot of use to the
24 hours.

First of all, there is no doubt that a printed dress from
midi cut has the key that opens all the doors of a
casual and carefree look. Whether for a morning walk, go down to the beach or the pool or go out for an aperitif. Declined in the classic black and white, with French sleeves and matching belt to fit it like a dressing gown, this model of
Zara it’s a safe bet.


Slip dress: ways to combine it and wear it all year

The fluidity and movement of this dress make it ideal to combine with a pair of
strappy flat sandals. It is available in sizes from XS to XL and costs 39.95 euros.

Neither does the
denim fabric she collapses this summer and strengthens her positions showing power in garments such as this strapless dress with a square neckline from

midi length and with a front opening, the detail of the
jewel buttons, with crystals and pearls, makes it an infallible joker with which to pass with note in a casual look as well as in a more nocturnal one, simply adding some high-heeled sandals. It costs 89 euros and is available in sizes from XS to L.

For a coup there is nothing better than resorting to two of the ingredients that shape the
star trends of this summer. On the one hand to the fabric, the
linen, which finds no rival among summer outfits; and on the other the
rose, indisputable summer tone. Something that this Uterqüe dress fuses in a display of elegance.

With puffed French sleeves, a V-neckline and a matching belt with a buckle, the pink linen dress from
Uterqüe It seems designed to look at a dinner by the sea, but also to come out gracefully as the most elegant guest. It can even be decontextualized and carried with a pair of
white sneakers. It costs 129 euros and is available in sizes from XS to L.

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