Three comfortable, low-heeled Mango sandals that slim the figure and are ideal for daily wear


In the wardrobe that the Barcelona firm proposes to us for this summer we have discovered the most ideal crochet set with daisies of the season, the lowered midi skirts that we can take advantage of all year round or a dress with a buckle that has gone viral among influencers and that is already running out. Of course, if you have not yet signed one comfortable low-heeled sandals, we have three options of Mango that stylize the figure just like a stiletto heel and that are ideal to wear every day because your feet will not hurt at all.

Get out of your usual flats and give this one a try. Comfortable shoes so versatile and flattering that it goes great with jeans or with a suit on. The only task and the most difficult, choose one of our three favorite models that we combine with these sustainable flower sandals that are succeeding.

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We start with a sure hit: a black sandals basic with toe straps and a sensible 2-inch heel. A perfect design to wear with basics but also with the printed garments in our wardrobe. At a detailed level, they have a square sole, they are made of leather, they cost 39.99 euros and they are available in all sizes from 36 to 41.

Of course, if you want all the prominence of the look to be taken by the shoes, what you need are these padded sandals with gingham print in peach color. Its fabric is cotton and the heel has a height of 2.5 centimeters. Get them on the Mango website for 39.99 euros. What surprises us is that they are still available in all sizes …

We will not end without mentioning the lilac strappy and knotted sandals that all influencers want and that we are seeing the most in Instagram looks because not only are they super pretty and wearable, they are also as comfortable as your usual flat sandals. They are also available in white and can be yours for 29.99 euros. Which one do you prefer?

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