Three cheap velvet dresses to succeed with your Christmas look


It’s time to plan outfits for the next ones christmas quotes. A task for which a fabric is postulated as the infallible wild card with which to save the night. We talk about velvetyeah And it is that it has already become the omnipresent material in all low cost collections, where they have even tempted us with tasty looks of pajama inspiration. But if you are looking to increase the dose of elegance and glamor, the perfect pattern for velvet is the mini-dress, a garment that we have already made coveted, embroidered with pearls, from Beyoncé to Blanca Suárez.

But if you’ve set a budget to give your wardrobe the velvet minidress it deserves, Zara has three of the most beautiful and sexy designs that you are going to find this winter.

The first of them is a model with a V-neckline, with a lapel and long sleeves with shoulder pads. The hem is asymmetrical and has elastic gathers, and the side zip closure is hidden in the seam. With very simple lines, the shape is reminiscent of a tuxedo jacket and its night blue color allows it to be combined with strass sandals with strass. It also only costs 29.95 euros.

If you prefer a lingerie aesthetic, there is also a design suitable for you. With spaghetti straps, a V-neckline and a front knot, this dress is available in two colors, green and maroon, for a price of 19.95 euros.

But if what you prefer is to bet on something more excessive and theatrical, the answer is in this dress that, in addition to velvet, includes tulle in the equation. With a high neck and semitransparent long sleeves, with a back opening and buttons, it is perfect to emulate the eighties trend. It is available from size XS to L for 25.95 euros.

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