This Zara vivhy plaid top has conquered Instagram because it is very flattering and looks great with white pants and sandals


Social networks (and, above all, Instagram) are our favorite source of inspiration. It is there where we find the most rejuvenating trends, the brands that are sweeping and the best looks to copy the famous and influencers.

Our latest love affair has been a top that, luckily, you can buy at Zara. It is so beautiful and easy to combine that we have no doubt that you will want to get it too. If you don’t believe us, keep reading!

Is about a short-sleeved cropped bodice. It has a beautiful white and pink vivhy check print. In addition, the V-shaped neckline suits women with small breasts especially well.

The body is cropped and short sleeves

The body is cropped and short sleeves

It’s made with a blend of viscose and linen. The first makes it light and soft, while the second makes it more resistant. But what makes this garment so special are the details. At the front, it has two knots between which there is an opening. As for the back, it has a honeycomb-type elastic.

To complete the look, the best option is long white pants, although you can also opt for jeans. Add some sandals (which can be flat or high-heeled) and you’re ready to rock.

If you liked it, run for it, because it has been so successful that size L is already sold out. However, you can still find it on the XS, S and M. Its price is 22.95.

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