This Zara shirt dress that looks luxurious is causing a sensation in the networks


This spring you can opt for the easy option and get a nice dress of flowers -such as this exclusive on the H & M website- or choose something more original and bet on a print of those that do not go unnoticed, but they like a lot. And the dress shirt that we have signed in the networks is a good example. We love when firms are inspired by luxury brands Y Zara, after succeeding with these white sneakers identical to those of Prada, has released a dress that could well have come from one of the collections of Versace.

It is a dress that the brand itself defines as “oversized shirt“and that, unsurprisingly, its use has spread as a dress. It is a model of long sleeves, dropped shoulder and lapel collar, characterized by a striking scarf-like pattern with chains, which you can buy for 39.95 euros. It is available from size XS to XXL and it is so beautiful that it is already succeeding on Instagram.

The influencer Ana Saez He has worn it loose with some boots white, betting on the most flattering formula of halftime and showing that with this dress you can succeed a lot. On the other hand, we have seen this garment Alicia andrich, which has also combined it with high boots, in this case black, and has added a belt matching to define the silhouette and stylize it. Ideaza!

In addition, it is a garment that we love for its versatility. And you can take it too like shirt next to your favorite jeans or open as a tunica with a basic t-shirt underneath. It has a lot of game, so it is a very successful purchase. Have we convinced you?

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