This Zara kimono is all you need to get a runway-worthy look and be the best dressed


There are times when low-cost firms sell garments with special designs and in which it is worth investing. Y Zara she is an expert in doing it. It’s okay to pick up basics like this striped sweater from Stradivarius or the cardigan from Lefties, however there are wardrobe bottoms that raise the level of looks like this kimono which is an absolute gem. A walkway level design that can fix you up to a guest look.

It’s about a combined velvet kimono that we have discovered thanks to Sandra Majada. The influencer has worn this beautiful Zara garment on Instagram that has a sleeve below the elbow and a long cut. A black design with floral prints that it costs 59.95 euros and that it is available in all sizes. Still. Because it has all the ballots to run out very quickly.

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Sandra paired it with a long black dress and matching stilettos for a perfect guest look with which it can be the best dressed of an event. An outfit of those that make you shine and that has as its protagonist this kimono that you can reuse. And it is that, although its price is not the most affordable, it is worth it because it is a garment that you can use more times.

With jeans, a white T-shirt and black ankle boots, for example, you can make this garment that seems to have been taken from the catwalk, a style for the ideal day-to-day for those who capture looks.

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