This Zara blazer worn by Nagore Robles is so original and flattering that it is about to run out


Than Nagore has a special eye to find the most beautiful clothes from Zara, is more than a fact. And the best thing is that he knows how to turn them into very special television looks that he looks like in the programs he collaborates with. The beginning of the new season of ‘Women and men and vice versa’ has made the presenter return to succeed with their outfits Among which is this H&M dress that she wore to the premiere or this printed shirt from the Zara sales. Now she has hit it again with a garment that is about to sell out.

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Sometimes, Nagore chooses to repeat a formula that suits him wonderfully and is that of a blazer with a T-shirt and skirt or pants. This type of jacket seems to like the presenter very much and knows how to get the most out of it with more basic and everyday clothes. However, the last American we have seen is much more original, but just as flattering. And of course, it’s from Zara.

It’s about a cropped model, trend last season and it seems that this will continue to carry, in black and short sleeves. Original, right? And although Nagore took her with a basic T-shirt and a printed miniskirt, it is perfect to add to your high-waisted jeans and accentuate the cut at the waist and its styling effect. The best thing is that its black color combines perfectly with everything and is also ideal to use with minidresses now at halftime.

Cost 29.95 euroand if you liked it as much as we did, run because is about to run out. And it is that on the Zara website already only available in size L and XL, while the rest is exhausted. If it does not match your size, you can look for it in the store because we assure you that it is worth it and Nagore has proven it.

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