This total denim look is still a best seller and we know where to get it in the low cost sales


It is not only a classic styling, but one of those looks that we released in childhood and we can continue to wear until we get tired, regardless of size or age. The denim on denim It has to be in your wardrobe in all possible combinations: with the same blue in both pieces or looking for the contrast between a light tone and a darker one. Actually, more interesting than color is choosing the proper silhouetteSeason after season, we can go for two classic pieces – the classic straight jeans and the basic shirt – or update them with the innovative patterns of the season. We have some to show you, and the sales.

The key garment, especially this season, are jeans. The trend recovers the influence of two decades: the 90s and the 70s. wide silhouette The 90s have a more markedly informal spirit, but the 70s, with their flair legs and high rise, are perfect for achieving a direct fashion effect by lift. The most recent example is in the Instagram profile of Marta Lozano: Wear an impeccable ‘total look’ denim, with pants that you can find, practically clones, in the Mango sales for 19.99 euros (they cost 39.99 euros).

Jeans with a 'slouchy' silhouette from the Zara sales.

Jeans with a ‘slouchy’ silhouette from the Zara sales.

If you prefer the informal style of 90s revival, Zara has on sale wonderfully innovative jeans, with an elastic waistband, darts, a ‘slouchy’ fit and a high rise. They look great, including the XL cuff at the end of each leg. You still have it available in almost all sizes in the Zara sales. These jeans cost 25.99 euros and now they stay at 12.99 euros.

Levi's western inspired shirt, lowered at Zalando.

Levi’s western inspired shirt, lowered at Zalando.

Also in Zara and also in the sales you can find three denim bags that you still have time to buy: do not miss the opportunity, because it is not easy to find them at low cost. To renew the shirt, in addition to the designs that will only work this season (with shoulder pads or with a bobo collar), you have this rodeo version Levi’s shirt: it’s called ‘Dori Western’ and it has a 30% discount at Zalando: it goes from 85.95 euros to 62.95 euros.

Body with a waistband that imitates a pair of Pepe Jeans jeans.

Body with a waistband that imitates a pair of Pepe Jeans jeans.

One more option risky but that also transcends seasons: this bodysuit that simulates double-waisted jeans. The effect is fantastic. It is a design from the collection of Dua Lipa for Pepe Jeans with a 45% discount at Zalando: it cost 94.95 euros and they stay at 51.95 euros.

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