This spectacular H&M jacket is the same as a very famous luxury jacket and has fallen in love with influencers of more than 50, who do know how to wear it with style


We do not get tired of repeating it, the style of Carmen Gimeno, our favorite influencer over 50, is worth studying. If a few days ago we discovered the most colorful Zara skirt that has a rejuvenating effect and the most rocker H&M sweatshirt that is sweeping, what brings us today is a tweed jacket that reminds us of the legendary Coco Chanel. And the best? What is H&M and its price, amazing.

Gimeno has found in the Swedish store this textured bouclé fabric jacket black with white details on the edges. Round neck, gold metal buttons and straight and minimalist cuts, make this jacket the perfect ally for combine with both skirts and pants. You can find it on their website from size 32 to 42 for 49.99 euros.

The ideal of Carmen’s look is not only this jacket that we have fallen in love with, but his audacity when combining it. We already know that the influencer loves denim and so he has combined it, with jeans from Zara and an H&M shirt tucked inside giving him a youthful touch to the whole.

Details make all the difference, and put the icing on the cake with an eye-catching belt gilded with pearls and chains that, unfortunately, we will not be able to acquire because it has been with it for many years. As always, Gimeno wears slippers which, far from spoiling the look, gives it an urban point that is very flattering.

Do you also dare to combine such a classic garment like this Coco Chanel type tweet jacket with more modern and off-road garments?

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