This ski jacket from Oysho is so cute and warm, you’ll want to pair it with even your best jeans


This year we have attended trend transfers, where sports and technical clothing has jumped into our street outfits, as we discovered with the Stradivarius kangaroo jacket, and where the comfy trend has become the queen of our wardrobe. Perhaps that is why it is inevitable to discover some jewels in the clothing designed for the snow slopes and transport them to street style.

The new one oysho ski collection It not only makes us think of snow days and chairlifts, but also of original ways to combine some of its best pieces to adapt them to our daily looks. And that’s what happened to us with one of the stars of the collection, a beautiful jacket that, in addition to being warm and comfortable, is so stylish that we can’t help but see it finishing off a look with jeans.

This padded jacket, in navy blue and ecru, It is the most flattering and stylish. With synthetic hair detail on the collar and on the hood, it is made of a fabric that allows perspiration and helps regulate body temperature while maintaining body heat.

This jacket is so cute and warm that it will be  inevitable transfer to our street looks.

This jacket is so pretty and warm that it will be inevitable to transfer it to our street looks.

Water repellent, it has thermo-sealed seams and zippers on the sides for a better fit. Available in three sizes, S, M and L, it is priced at 129 euros and promises to be an essential in our wardrobe for years to come.

In navy blue and ecru, it has zippers on the sides and pockets.

In navy blue and ecru, it has zippers on the sides and pockets.

With two outside pockets and one inside, this jacket is not only positioned as one of the great options for the ski season that, despite health restrictions, has just started, it is also a great candidate to be the protagonist of our winter looks, now that the cold has come to stay a good season.

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