This Sfera XL scarf is the purchase of the day because it can be worn as a skirt or top and also favors and stylizes the figure


The magic of pareoSurely you will agree, dear reader, you learn from a mother. It is THE garment of summer. On vacations, cruises and beach days the sarong works magic. It serves as a dress, as a skirt, as a makeshift top. It also works as a tunic when you burn your back. Blanket to protect your legs white like sun milk when you lie down like if you were a mummy. Therefore, even if they have gone a bit out of fashion: sarongs deserve a monument. And we have the feeling that this Sfera handkerchief it goes the same way.

Diving around the web in search of bargains, without expecting it, we have come across this bandana printed in shades of pink, red and blue in XL version that serves for everything.

The model of the firm wears it as a skirt, but we are sure it has a hundred uses. And we are not exaggerating. As a top, mini dress, scarf, hair … a super low cost purchase that will get you out of more than one hurry this summer.

The best of all? Its price! Only it costs 7.99 euros and although it is only available in the MWe are sure that it will serve you if you have the size you have if you know how to tie it and fold it well. We already imagine ourselves with her in a bikini top walking along the beach at sunset … yes, with a mask. How about? Love!

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