This red floral print midi dress from Amazon has an immediate rejuvenating effect and looks just as good with sneakers, sandals or espadrilles.


Spring has come this year with more enthusiasm than ever to our wardrobe. The color of the looks with ideal blue or yellow dresses (the most sought after), green outfits approved by those who know the most about fashion, a lot of pink Elle Wood level in ‘A very legal blonde’ and, of course, in red flattering. Among the patterns, there is something for all tastes: from Vichy paintings to flowers. And among the latest proposals that have come for the new season, an ultra-flattering midi dress that has stolen our hearts from the first moment.

Amazon has long become a point of reference in our ‘online shopping’ routes, and this time it has been in the Instagram account of its Fashion line where we have had a crush on a dress from Find, her own fashion label.

Bohemian in style and with a very romantic touch, this red midi dress (50 euros at Amazon) with floral print, square neckline and sleeves finished with ruffles has already become one of our favorites of the season due to its versatility, how comfortable, how good it feels to have the silhouette you have and its immediate rejuvenating effect: take 10 years off thanks to the power of red, an always flattering tone full of light and personality, combined with the ‘naive’ touch of flowers.

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In addition, it admits a thousand and one style formulas: we like the urban touch that the shoes give it (as proposed by the firm), but we also imagine it with wedge espadrilles and a carrycot for our best day looks this spring-summer, with some ballerinas and a mini bag in a romantic proposal, or even with some ‘cowboy’ boots and a jacket, for those days when the saying that “in April, thousands of waters” is fulfilled.

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