This Nuria Roca blazer will be the favorite to shine in your Christmas looks


Nuria Roca has confirmed the power that I could have a blazer both in day-to-day looks and in other special ones where you need to shine. She uses this versatile garment on numerous occasions, in fact, a few days ago she was a hit at ‘El Hormiguero’ with this print and with this floral pattern. Now, he has chosen it again to present an awards gala and he has done it with an ideal and very bright model with whom he has dazzled and what is perfect for Christmas looks.

Nuria Roca was in charge of conducting the awards gala of the Valencian Academy of Audiovisual. A date you picked a very elegant look starring a purple blazer by Avellaneda. A very striking design of velvet full of sequins and with satin lapels that brought an elegant and sophisticated touch to his styling and that made it clear that masculine style – of which the designer is a specialist – is one of the most successful options at an event.

Nuria wore this special garment and combined it perfectly, giving it all the prominence. Thus, added black garments: a top with a straight neckline and suit pants with wide leg. Nail heeled sandals They completed this look that had gone unnoticed, but that deserves a mention apart from the American one. In fact, Nuria chose collect your mane in a ponytail so that all the details of the piece will be appreciated

An American that we have gone to look for on the firm’s website and that, much to our regret, is missing. Of course, if you like Avellaneda’s designs as much as we do, take a look at other models you have available because they are perfect so that you too can succeed with your look on these Christmas dates.

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