This new Stradivarius coat needs no discount: it costs very little and is available in three highly wearable colors in addition to the classic black


We already have a selection of the best coats discounted that are pure trend this winter. And although we are aware that the cold wave requires a purchase type anorak or feathers, there is another perfect option for when the temperatures return to give a truce.

A basic coat from the new collection of Stradivarius It does not need a discount and that, unlike the bargains of the sales that are practically sold out, it is available in all sizes and in all its designs. Also, if we tell you that their four different colors and plain will match your entire wardrobe, this outer garment will become your new goal.

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It’s about a knit coat hanged, with long sleeves, lapel collar and large front pockets. An ideal classic to wear to all ages (one of those to share between mothers and daughters like Vicky Martín Berrocal and Alba Díaz) seven days a week. Whether in casual, sport, office or night outfits.

Choose between the classic black with which you will always be right, the vanilla tone to win in style or the sky blue and the bubblegum pink to color the more winter and muted looks.

Our bet not to fail? Wear it with jeans, a sweater and boots, as the Inditex firm proposes for this season. The best thing is that they are available in all sizes from XS to XL and that it costs 29.99 euros. We keep it!

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