This Lefties total look is so cheap, wearable and flattering that you will want to copy it too


What in Lefties we can find the basic trend of the season at a very low price, it is more than a fact. The low cost firm of Inidtex has available all the clothes you need to complete your fall / winter wardrobe like very cheap, lightweight down jackets or sweaters and cardigans for less than 20 euros. Some bargains that Rocío Osorno know and with whom you have shown that you can achieve perfect look for day to day. Take note of the clothes you have used.

The Sevillian influencer wanted to make a casual outfit proposal to her followers. And he has done it with three Lefties garments super cheap that are also very versatile and wearable. The first one and the protagonist is a coat in pink, a raincoat with lined interior made of a very soft fur effect fabric. “Star garment, pastel color coats,” he wrote next to the photograph, and he is right. This model costs 29.99 euros and, in addition to being perfect for rainy days, it seems to be the warmest.

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Rocío chose to give all the prominence to the coat and combined it with basic garments in neutral colors. He chose black mom fit jeans. A model with a high waist and straight leg of the most flattering, that feels great and that you can find on the firm’s website for 17.99 euros.

Finally, he added a Ecru chenille perkins neck jumper. A very tasty and soft model with a square cut that costs 14.99 euros and that it is also available in pale pink and black and from size XS to XL. A super wearable garment that combines perfectly with everything and that you will not want to take off all winter because of how warm it is.

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