This is the trendsetting psychedelic print blouse that you can combine in a thousand ways


If you are also one of those who prefer that risk is always controlled in their closet, surely you prefer to opt for
neutral tones Y
basic garments. And it is not at all reprehensible that you trust, for example, that white dress that rejuvenates at 50 and sweeps on Instagram, in a black crocheted shirt or in the black palazzo pants with darts.

However, perhaps the only thing you need to add a bit of daring to your summer outfits is to visualize how to combine a more eccentric and striking garment, such as a floral blouse or green pants, since many times the secret of the success of one look lies in knowing how to make a balanced mix.

Following the success that this season is experiencing the
seventies revival, the
hippy aesthetic has become one of the main engines of signature collections such as
Uterqüe, who has launched a garment so beautiful that it seems destined to sell out in a matter of seconds. It is a
blouse fluid fabric with
paisley print in acid colors.

classic pattern, lapels
male cutWith long sleeves and two front pockets on the chest, this is a shirt that does not exactly go unnoticed, but that nevertheless can be very versatile if mixed wisely.

For example with a couple of
palazzo pants in acid green tone, flared high and low waisted. That way the shirt can be worn inside, marking the waist and highlighting the contrast of the color blocks. A
elegant and feminine alternative.

To relax the look but without losing
visual impact, a pair of straight fuchsia long pants are the perfect companion. The definitive twist is given
tie the shirt at the waist.

Once you’ve done your shirt and its
psychedelic effect, you can finally risk and coordinate the whole look since there are also pants in it
paisley print. Combine it with green midi-heeled sandals and it will not resist you on any occasion.

The shirt costs 79 euros and is available in sizes S and M. Lose your fear of
bold prints because they can do a lot more for your style than you think.

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