This is the halftime look you will succeed with next fall (and you can get it without leaving Mango)


Although looking at the official calendar we still cannot end the summer, in terms of fashion, our mind is already completely focused on the next season. The collection advances, which arrived in the first weeks of sales, have given way to
100% autumn collections, with thicker fabrics, muted colors and of course,
new tendencies, They are already knocking on our closet door.

And as usual,
Mango has been one of the first brands to launch its proposals for the coming months. Garments and accessories that follow the prevailing trends, but that also have the vocation to become
timeless basics.

Like this simple look, which looks like it has nothing, but really does have it all. What is the secret of your success? The first piece, and without a doubt the most important, is the
classic tweed jacket, but with certain renewed airs. A short design with silver buttons that will magically become the perfect piece to wear, over and over again, with high-waisted pants.

The second key piece of styling is the
striped shirt , basic among the basics that can not be missing in any wardrobe. And although at first glance they all look the same, there are small differences in terms of fabric and pattern. And this is just perfect. In addition, it confirms what we had been envisioning for a long time: the
Cowboys of skinny cut have yielded the witness to the so-called
wide leg. A garment that adds an instant touch of style to any look, no matter how simple.

The accessories are positioned in a discreet background, betting on the elegant and timeless black color. Mini handbags with long handle by Mango (19.99 euros) and black belt with gold buckle by Mango (15.99 euros). Jeans, meanwhile, opt for dark blue, a straight cut and a wide leg. Jeans from the new Mango fall collection (29.99 euros)

And finally, the accessories, those small but important elements that can completely change the final result. A
mini size bag, inspired by the mythical designs of
Hermes, and a
black belt with a golden buckle and minimalist airs complete this proposal. A look that is easy to copy and totally effective.

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