This is how Doña Letizia’s look has been for going back to school (which will help you at the office)


Mrs. Letizia she has returned from her highly favored private vacation, there is no doubt about that. We did not see the queen from her family inn in Mallorca with the infantas and Don Felipe But now, that the agenda takes shape again and September is falling, the apparitions of the kings will once again be the daily bread.

To visit the king emeritus Don Juan Carlos in the hospital after her intervention (in which everything is evolving favorably as reported by official sources) Doña Letizia wanted to make a declaration of intent with her styling.

Video:Click on the photo to discover how the queen’s vacation has been.

With a white blazer that added a touch of color to the style, black pleated pants, loafers and a dark blue bag, Doña Letizia gave a perfect lesson in style with this combination that has become a source of inspiration for the office looks for the next few weeks.

The star garment? Perhaps for the wrong reason, the polka dot blouse signed by Carolina Herrera that the queen has worn on two previous occasions. Tripitió stamped ‘polkadot’, showing that he is not resigned to forgetting one of his favorite clothes. Remembered by all as ‘the blouse of discord’ (he wore it at the Mass in Palma in 2018 where the altercation with Doña Sofía took place), there was no doubt: it captured all the attention.

Together and very smiling, the kings surprised in equal parts with their style choices: the queen, for the garment in question, but the king for his jovial style with light tones that we are not used to at all. In addition, he changed the shirt for the polo shirt and also wore loafers.

If everything goes as expected, in a couple of days the king will be transferred to the plant where he can begin to receive visits, both from family and friends, as well as from Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía.

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