This has been the first Chanel haute couture show without Karl Lagerfeld


Karl Lagerfeld is missed, but not the spectacular assemblies in which Chanel's runways are usually converted. This time Virginie Viard has moved us to a library to present the first Haute Couture collection without Karl Lagerfeld. The garments of Chanel's Autumn-Winter season 2019/2020 have been infected by the intellectuality of the books that surrounded them.

As in the parade of the Chanel cruise collection, Virginie has feminized Chanel's proposals with more color, more dresses with flight and much more romanticism.

In Jared

This is the Chanel swimsuit that more hearts are breaking (and it is not for less)

The best has been the 3D flowers decorating jackets to get more volume in a very delicate way.

Chanel Hc Rf19 3530

There are also some Night dresses Really beautiful that will delight the celebrities in the big red carpets.

Chanel Hc Rf19 3815

In Jared

This is the latest styling by Céline Dion that pays homage to Karl Lagerfeld (and his career in Chanel)

Virginie has also managed to work on tweed with subtlety incorporating it to modern and current designs.

Chanel Hc Rf19 3328

The worst that some proposals of dresses with tulle can remember Dior at times and Chanel should have enough of an entity to not have to look like anyone.

Chanel Hc Rf19 3918

The truth is that there are more and more interesting outlets in Chanel and that little by little the new designer is getting collections with personality, and doing it after Karl Lagerfeld is a challenge not available to anyone.

Chanel Hc Rf19 3286
Chanel Hc Rf19 3296
Chanel Hc Rf19 3309
Chanel Hc Rf19 3352
Chanel Hc Rf19 3361
Chanel Hc Rf19 3391
Chanel Hc Rf19 3401
Chanel Hc Rf19 3439
Chanel Hc Rf19 3461
Chanel Hc Rf19 3495
Chanel Hc Rf19 3579
Chanel Hc Rf19 3678
Chanel Hc Rf19 3691
Chanel Hc Rf19 3864
Chanel Hc Rf19 3907
Chanel Hc Rf19 3930
Chanel Hc Rf19 3977
Chanel Hc Rf19 4009

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