This fall you are going to put aside the Little Black Dress for an equally versatile on-trend garment: the black jumpsuit


The star garment of the feminine wardrobe is, without a doubt, the
Little black dress. It can be adapted to any circumstance, it favors every woman and it exudes elegance. Depending on its silhouette, it can be classic or modern, but it will always have a timeless character. The black dress is infallible. However, the last
street style looks They suggest that a firm competitor has emerged. The
black jumpsuit brings a revamped version of our favorite wild card piece. With the same qualities or perhaps, increased, since it is easy, fast and much more comfortable for many to introduce a pair of pants.

Ideal for minimalist styles, be
formal or
Of diary. Interpretations, all you can imagine. From gymnastics jumpsuits, with a retro aesthetic, to shorts, denim or leather. The catwalk has demonstrated the power of the black jumpsuit. Mugler’s proposals,
Saint Laurent, Celine,
Tom ford, Balmain, Stella McCartney,
Chanel o Max Mara are inspired by past decades, from the military origin of the 70s disco-style garment.

Of course, influencers are already using this
basic, with risky designs that fit the body and other
aviator style, looser. The so-called “catsuit” comes straight from the nineties to be the most controversial micro trend.

Brands like Marcia, have created pieces that look like something out of superhero or spy movies,
glued like a mesh and with zipper on the front. We will have to give it a try if it has dazzled the fashion experts, perhaps with sneakers or heels, and a
oversized contrasting coat of proportions.

biker jumpsuits or swimmer are the favorites
sexy and comfortable of celebrities. Easy to style, but just as daring as the previous idea. With
maxi jersey or
wide sweatshirts you will get those eighties airs so in vogue this season. You can even wear it with a
male blazer leather and low heel slingback heels or cowboy boots, like supermodels do.

The point, protagonist of the cold season, is reimagined in mono format. Comfortable like a tracksuit, but much more sophisticated and appropriate. Fluid and warm. They combine with boots, loafers, dancers or high-heeled ankle boots. There are cotton ones,
shirt style, super simple and effective
to go to the office.

military uniform jumpsuit is carried in
denim or in
leather, even with animal print. The perfect balance between masculine and feminine, casual and formal, classic and avant-garde. Wide in the body and lower part but adjusted to the waist to define the silhouette. You can wear it alone or with a shirt or undershirt underneath, to be more stylish. Ah yes, we forgot the
short jumpsuits with pockets, French chic ‘great with mules and a baguette bag.

If you lack ideas for outfits, don’t worry. Any coat or jacket looks great. Those with a masculine structure,
sixties adorned with synthetic hair, the
raincoats, oversize jackets, ponchos … For shoes and bags, exactly the same. You can follow the approaches of the influencers or let yourself be carried away by your natural taste.

What is clear is that it is impossible to go wrong with this integral garment so simple that it has overshadowed the unstoppable black dress.

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