This cropped hoodie from Oysho is all you need for a comfortable Sunday look (and by the way, you might think you’re in Sex and the City, pre-pandemic coffee and dog in hand)


Every time I think of Sex in New York I can’t help repeating in my head, ‘But I couldn’t help but wonder … (insert your existential question here)’ in an attempt to teleport to the Big Apple of the 1990s and wiggle like Carrie in her hands around the corner. Fifth Avenue, especially lately that the pandemic has taken away all illusions (and has brought us great doses of anxiety).

To face the reality we are in, we have no choice but to go to the classics and undoubtedly, Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda and Carrie are one of them. They never go out of style, nor do their comfy looks (which were also there): that now Oysho He has tried to imitate (pandemic version) in his latest Instagram photos. Or at least, that is what I have wanted to interpret to escape from the bland present.

Mix of Charlotte (for the dog), Miranda (for the athleisure styling -for not using the word tracksuit-), Carrie (for the coffee to go) and Samantha (for the pose) Oysho have tried to evoke a Sunday in the past with this so comfy look of gray hoodie, black flare pants, gym bag, sneakers, dog and coffee. A shout out to the styles that have two lives, that of the sofa and that of going down to do the shopping or walk the dog. The duality in which we live today.

The best of all? All garments are available on the firm’s website for you to throw yourself, languidly towards your laptop and practice one of your funniest hobbies this Sunday afternoon: the online shopping. There is no better therapy. Well yes: do it with a warm sweatshirt on and reindeer pajamas. Because once Halloween is over, the Christmas season begins. And we are all lacking in illusion, that’s why … Hou, hou, hou!

PS: if like me, you are a very fan of SATC, but at the same time you once hated Carrie, you just have to press play. It has made my day brighter.

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