“Thin, curvy or androgynous? ” The perfect swimsuit for your body: models and tips to enhance shapes and hide imperfections


The summer is just around the corner, the desire for the sea grows and while waiting for the temperatures to rise a little more, all you have to do is buy a bathing suit. For every body there is the right costume, able to diminish small defects and highlight the points of strength! Find out which swimsuit is perfect for your body. It has passed the 71-year mark but continues to conquer women all over the world. We are talking about the bikini, the swimsuit par excellence, which from 1946 to today has never been out of fashion. In reality, the two-piece costumes are already seen in some frescoes of 1400 BC but it is in 1946, officially on July 5, that the French tailor Louis Réard launches it with the name inspired by the Bikini atoll in the Marshall Islands, on which the United States conducted nuclear tests: Reard believed that the introduction of the new type of costume would have explosive and disruptive effects. And in fact it was just like that. Although few women dared to wear it at first, Hollywood divas helped clear it through customs. From Olivia de Havilland to Betty Grable, stars had been wearing two-piece costumes since the mid-1930s. Of course they were very chaste models compared to the bikini but still they had led the way. (Continue reading after the photo)

Androgynous physique. Thin and with little breasts? The models that give this type of body are bikinis with bandeau or one-shoulder bra and one-piece swimsuits from the original line, declined on bright colors and patterns. Pear-shaped physique. With the costumes you should put more volume on the bust through bras with flounces, rouches, applications, and remain “dry” in the lower body so as not to accentuate the width of the hips. Choose thin straps: if they are too thick they risk making your breasts look even smaller. A slip that fits very well on this line is the high-waisted culotte. If you have the opportunity to choose two different colors between the top and the bottom, opt for a bright and light color on the top, perhaps with a flamboyant pattern like the very trendy floral one (gives volume!), And on the contrary for a dark shade underneath ( shrinks!). (Continue reading after the photos)

Costume for those with an apple-shaped body: play with cunning and choose a costume that draws your figure: a whole black model on the sides and in the center and a pattern on the breast. The optical effect it will create will give your body a slender touch. Swimsuit for those who are curvy: first of all identify your strength and choose the costume based on what you want to focus on. However, the reference model is whole and snug, so that it can help you shape your body. Hourglass physicist: generous hips and décolleté and slim waist. Definitely one of the most feminine types. The right costumes enhance the waistline and support the breasts. Enhance the curves with the bikini with a triangle bra and high-waisted briefs.

“How hot you are!”. Maria, 55 years old. But in costume it is envious. Pinched on the beach in a bikini: 20-year-old body. His costume images are very rare, but now they are there

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