Thigh rubbing in summer: creams, shorts and other remedies


When the thighs rub against each other, poor walking is almost automatic. The annoyance is so unbearable that the only solution seems to force one’s pace. In reality, among creams, shorts and bandelettes of remedies there are and how! Discover them with us

Thigh rubbing is more common in the summer than you think. If you did a quick survey of friends and acquaintances, you would find that even the fittest girls are not exempt. Just get some water retention from your cycle to feel that the inner thigh makes friction. In these cases it is normal for the thighs to increase in volume until they touch each other while walking. But it also happens to sportsmen, in particular to runner, because the thighs rub against each other during the run.

The sweat and it rubbing they can cause the skin to become irritated and red, creating very painful blisters and blisters or grazes. There are methods we can put in place to limit this annoyance or avoid it completely by changing our routine very little.

Inner thigh causes chafing

With the arrival of summer, the legs are uncovered, wearing dresses, long or short skirts. This clothing, however, col sweat, can lead to an unpleasant sensation: that of thighs touching. This feeling can be extremely painful, forcing us to walking badly. Not only theinner thighs is subject to this unpleasant phenomenon, but also other areas of the body such as: under the breast, underarms, heel and buttocks. Rubbing irritation can be caused byskin friction with fabrics (tight and synthetic clothes, aggressive detergents, thong, bra, sanitary towels, panty liners, etc) or with the skin itself. Rubbing occurs mainly during walks and during intense physical activity. A’excessive sweating and continuous rubbing can make the skin more vulnerable and favor redness, irritation and itching.
The rubbing of the thighs it is often unavoidable and can be very painful. However, it is possible to protect the skin with natural remedies or specific products, able to reduce friction and possible irritation.

Thigh rubbing irritation: remedies

Among the effective remedies against rubbing of the thighs is the alum stone, just the one that is usually used for the underarm area, but can be useful for many other problems: avoiding ingrown hairs, relieving the skin after shaving, but also avoiding rubbing of the thighs. The alum stone is able to reduce perspiration: by sweating less, the skin does not stick, thus avoiding many unpleasant rubbing.

The talc absorbs sweat and prevents irritation. It is an inexpensive, skin-friendly remedy that is perfect on the thighs or under the breasts. Unfortunately, the duration of these benefits is short, so it requires repeated applications. Another negative point is the possibility of dirtying clothes. For the rest, the talcum powder however, it remains a valid remedy especially for short walks. Effective and economical, the Vaseline guarantees a reduction in friction but, like talcum powder, it does not last long. For this reason the application must be repeated several times.

What to use for thighs that rub together

On the market there are specific products for the solution of this unpleasant problem. There are formulations in cream or spray tonti-rubbing. Their duration is decidedly long, but obviously the cost is higher than a tube of petroleum jelly or a jar of talcum powder; but it still remains an inexpensive product.

Another idea is to wear the stretch cotton shorts which absorb sweat effectively. They are usually made in raw cut and without seams, so as to disappear under the clothes and be as comfortable as possible. You can find them in the underwear shops and haberdasheries of the past.

The bandelettes, the bands that look like hold-ups

An effective remedy against the rubbing of the thighs are the bandelettess, ie bands that look like stay-ups. Some brands make them elegant lace, others in smooth fabrics. They prevent skin redness and annoying irritation caused by repeated rubbing of the thighs. Thanks to the special three-dimensional wave fabric, they exert a delicate and effective micro massage on the skin, toning and shaping the thighs. They are equipped with special edges with elastic al self-supporting silicone and hypoallergenic, particularly suitable for people with allergies. Some models of bandelettes are made with bacteriostatic silver ion yarn that hinders bacterial proliferation and prevents the onset of bad odors, keeping the skin fresh and rested even after several hours of use. Ideal for wearing in summer, under skirts and dresses.

Thighs anti-rubbing creams

In the gallery below look at the selection of on solutions against rubbing of the thighs: creams, sprays, sticks, zinc oxide pastes, underskirt shorts and many useful tips.

Filmocare anti-rubbing gel of DERMOVITAMINA
Invisible and resistant to sweat, it is a protective film also suitable for sports.

VAGISIL Anti-Rubbing Spray
It dries quickly because it does not contain water and leaves a pleasant “silky effect” on the skin.

Shorts in Supima® Cotton by INTIMISSIMI
Thanks to the raw cut and the absence of seams, it is invisible under the tightest dresses and skirts.

Anti-rubbing cream by APTONIA
A practical stick format to be applied as often as needed. From Decathlon.

– COMPEED Anti-Blister Stick
Primarily designed for blisters, it is also suitable for avoiding irritation between the thighs, precisely because it creates a protective film.

BEONME anti-chafing cream
100% vegan, it soothes and refreshes areas prone to chafing.

NIVEA Diaper Change
Protective zinc oxide paste, ideal for relieving redness and rubbing irritation of the inner thigh.

Free Legs by SOLIDEA
Micro-massaging, anti-rubbing elastic flounces to protect the inner thigh.

A nice pure vitamin E acetate base, ideal for treating chafing irritations.

Tea Tree Ointment from MAGENTINA HERBALIST
Relieves itching resulting from rubbing the thighs together.

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