Thicker eyelashes in a short time: grandma’s remedies


Your dream has always been to have long lashes for a doe look. If you’ve never succeeded, maybe it’s because you haven’t put in enough effort or don’t know the natural remedies to accelerate growth. Having thick eyelashes, in fact, has its own advantages in make-up: it helps not to apply too much eye make-up and a natural effect that you always like, suitable for any occasion.

However, obtaining them is not easy and requires the utmost care like the skin of the face or eyebrows. Perhaps you are among those people who have rather thin and sparse eyelashes. Nothing happens, there are many women who manage to improve their appearance. Remember that genetics determine most of the facial features. Despite this, with a specific diet and adequate tricks with makeup, you can intensify the look without resorting to false eyelashes. (Continue reading after the photo)

With a little time and good habits you will succeed in your goal. The best thing is to nourish the lashes from the inside. Dermatologists point out that a balanced diet, fat-free and with the right intake of vitamins A, B, C and E allows you to show off fuller, longer and shinier lashes. Castor oil: this oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of Ricinus communis, a very common plant in India and rich in nutrients. With the clean brush of an old mascara you can apply castor oil on damp lashes. It is recommended to put it before going to sleep and keep it for the whole night, so as to let the product act for hours and not risk that it may bother you. (Continue reading after the photo)

Coconut oil: it is the revolution in the beauty field due to its moisturizing and nourishing properties. Every night before falling asleep, get a fingertip massage on the eyelashes, 4 drops are enough to help the lashes become bright and very long. Olive oil: it is a very dense vegetable oil and helps to make every single eyelash thicker and more resistant. It should be applied on the lashes before going to sleep, to keep them soft, while preventing them from breaking easily. For a stronger effect, you can mix olive oil with castor oil and keep this mask on for half an hour, at least twice a week. (Continue reading after the photo)

Egg yolk: it is not an oil but the effects are similar! Take an egg and divide the yolk from the white and beat it. With a cotton swab it should be applied to the eyelashes and left on for at least an hour before rinsing well with cold water. Vaseline is also part of the ranks of products that are as ancient as they are effective. We can find it in a liquid or cream state, use it pure or mixing it with a few drops of lavender, it has always been an excellent remedy for making compresses. Let’s apply it on the eyelashes by massaging gently with your fingers or with the help of a brush, after a few weeks you will see them grow thicker and shinier.

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