These plush ballerinas are the most palatable shoes of the season and they already have a waiting list


There are fabrics that, just by thinking about them, transmit us warmth and desire to wear them. It is the case of sheep, the star material of winter that has been giving a lot to talk about for a few seasons now, especially in the form of coats, a perfect resource to avoid getting cold. But the concern of some firms to take advantage of that pull of the sheep has led them to transfer it to other radios of action, especially that of the accessories. We have seen bags, hats and, what has surprised us the most, also footwear. Thus we have discovered pieces like hair ballerinas, a finding that has made our imagination fly thinking about the looks in which we can integrate them, just as it has done Nuria Roca with the latest model of sandals that Birkenstock has launched.

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If the idea begins to seduce you but not so much the investment involved in getting the model of the German brand, do not worry because you can make a contact through these that have just arrived Stradivarius. It is a couple of teddy ballerinase in camel tone that will not leave your shoemaker indifferent.

Surely just by seeing them you have been able to feel the pleasant caress of the hair on your feet when you put them on. In addition, and to give it a more urban twist, the dancers have a golden chain that crosses the instep.

Easily combinable, the ballerinas are perfect to wear with jeans and a sweater also in camel tones. And for the most daring, why not, with a shearling coat too. Which makes it even more understandable that they were out of stock until very recently.

But do not panic because although there is a waiting list to buy them, their price is 23.99 euros and as soon as they return, they are available from size 35 to 41.

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