These Mango pants have made the influencers fall in love because they are the best choice whether it rains or when the sun rises


Influencers are a great source of inspiration when it comes to dressing. Just take a look at their profiles to find out what the latest trends are, from midi dresses like these from Mango to pajamas. And Rocío Osorno is one of our favorites.

In one of her latest posts, she laughs at herself for the postures she takes for something as simple as having coffee. However, what has caught our attention in that photograph is the pants he is wearing.

We have found the most versatile trousers from Roc & o Osorno

We have found the most versatile pants from Rocío Osorno

It is a Mango trousers that we have fallen in love with because of how versatile it is. Being long, you can carry it even if it rains. But you can also wear it on warm days thanks to the fact that they are made with cotton, a very breathable material.

High rise and dart detail make it fit snugly on the hips, but without adding bulk. This is very flattering, since get to delineate the legs and make the figure appear slimmer.

The fact that they are straight and have a wide leg also contributes to this effect. It is a type of cut that hides curves and helps hide excess fat that may have accumulated in the lower part of the body.

These pants can be worn regardless of the weather

These pants can be worn regardless of the weather

Without a doubt, its greatest virtue is simplicity. In addition to the belt loops, its only adornment is the pockets. It has two on the sides and another two on the back. The latter, with edging.

Rocío has chosen the ecru color, which is very springy. But if what you are looking for is something that you can combine with all your shirts, they also have it in black.

Now comes the bad news: some sizes are already out of stock. Thus, crude is available from 34 to 44, while you will find black from 32 to 42. As for its price, it is € 29.99.

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